Glitter Film

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Glitter Film

TOME® 9031 series Printable glittle Film: Translucent vinyl with removable adhesive, mimics glitter glass appearance. Ideal for aesthetic and functional manifestations on flat surfaces like glass, windows, and acrylic sheets.


About Glitter Window Film​

Glitter Window Film​ - TOME® 9031 series

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Clear, Removable



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Solvent, Eco-solvent

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TOME 9031 series Printable Glittle Film: Striking glittle effect provides obscurity with light permeation. Versatile for privacy, elegance, and suitable for residential and commercial settings. Advantages include enhanced privacy, UV protection, and energy efficiency.


To achieve the best results, it’s essential to follow the instructions for preparation and application.

Glitter Window Film Storage Conditions

Storage Conditions

Optimal performance tip: Store TOME 9031 series horizontally in original packaging, shielded from direct sunlight and heat. Recommended storage: 15-35°C (59-95°F), humidity: 20-65% RH.


Proper Drying: Ensure materials are thoroughly dried before further processing. For optimal print and converting results, let rolls acclimatize in the print/lamination room for at least 24 hours.

Surface Preparation: Clean glass surface before applying the film. Remove grease, oils, dirt, or contaminants. Address any interference caused by substances like wax using a mild abrasive cleaner if necessary.

Glitter Window Film


Printable glittle Film is suitable for both dry and wet application, but dry application is recommended to minimize water residue. Lift the film, place the adhesive side on the clean window surface, and position it. Smooth out wrinkles or bubbles with light pressure using a squeegee, starting from the center and moving to the edges. Trim excess film neatly with a utility knife or scissors. Address any remaining bubbles or creases and let the film dry following the manufacturer’s instructions.

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