What is the Material One-way Vision?

One way vision is a commonly used medium in photo machine inkjet printing. It uses personalized design and high-precision piezoelectric photo machine printing and is suitable for a variety of places.

1.Features of One Way Vision Sticks

one way vision sticker

One way vision sticker is a kind of advertising material, which is composed of black and white PVC laminated with pressure-sensitive adhesive and release paper. It has a wide range of applications. It can reduce external interference and remain hidden, while allowing internal users to view the outside world. In summer, it can transmit light while blocking some ultraviolet rays and heat.

Wrapping the curtain wall glass of the building can create spectacular visual effects and prevent light pollution caused by light reflection. Simple installation also reduces project costs, and is easy to remove without destructive residue. It is suitable for display windows, glass doors and windows, glass curtain walls or glass surfaces of vehicles, which not only blocks sunlight but also has an advertising effect.

One way vision sticks have significant advantages when compared to other advertising materials, especially the light transmittance of high-quality single-view sticks.

The light transmittance of a good single-transmission sticker can reach 5:5 (i.e. 50%), which is the same as the light transmittance before glass stickers, but its effect is obviously different.

Especially with the application of high-precision photo machines and personalized pattern inkjet printing, single-sided transparency can not only present beautiful advertising images, but also achieve better light transmission effects.

2. One way vision inkjet printing outdoor environment application:

Urban transportation, subway and light rail, bus vehicles, taxis, urban rapid transit, company (institution) vehicles, personalized private cars;

Urban building glass curtain walls, shop windows, convenience store entrances, telephone halls;

Division of office areas, new decorative styles, use of conference rooms (one-way visibility, layout of exhibition sites;

Special space needs (places requiring one-way operation), POP advertising inside stores, glass doors of cold drink machines;

Personalized pattern inkjet printing is a very common application method in advertising production and decoration today, and photo machines are also currently very popular digital inkjet printing equipment. The pictures printed by photo machines are very realistic and delicate, and can give people good results.

Therefore, many companies will choose this method to produce advertisements, personalized decorations, etc. For example, single-pass stickers used in personalized applications of photo machines can not only be used to promote corporate image or products, but also achieve better decorative effects.

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