What is the Material of Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheets

What is a heat transfer vinyl sheet? Heat transfer vinyl sheet is an “intermediary” for transferring patterns, the engraved film will be engraved with the engraving machine or spray engraving machine to determine the pattern, the pattern will be transferred to the substrate with the hot stamping machine, and finally tear off the PET release film. Is there only one material for the heat transfer vinyl sheet? The answer is absolutely wrong, heat transfer vinyl sheet is divided into many types of materials, and Burberry has nine series of heat transfer vinyl sheets.

Ⅰ. The material of the heat transfer vinyl sheet

1. TPU elastic engraving film

Using 100% polyurethane (TPU) elastic material, stretchable, with a soft feel, high coverage, and frosted surface effect; the 100um high-temperature-resistant polyester (PET) release substrate does not deform after high-temperature hot stamping, suitable for numbers, letters and patterns, which is easy to engrave, cut and discharge waste, which makes it stand out.

2. PVC engraving film

Made of environmentally friendly thermosetting ink PVC material, which is precision coated, with super soft feel and high coverage; the 100um high-temperature-resistant polyester (PET) release substrate, with a protective film on the surface (tear off before hot stamping), no deformation, no degumming, no fading after high temperature hot stamping, easy to engrave and cut, suitable for design larger-area patterns, numbers and letters; Lettering film needs to be tested after production, such as tensile test, brightness test, washability. Special materials need to be tested differently to ensure product quality. The finished lettering film should have excellent stretching, rebound, weather resistance and water washing resistance; the operation is simple, fast and convenient.

Ⅱ. Several major problems that are prone to occur in heat transfer vinyl sheet

Products that rely on machine production are prone to problems, and heat transfer vinyl sheet is no exception. Some problems often occur in the production and use of heat transfer vinyl sheet, such as incomplete pattern transfer, reduced transparency of the base film coated with release adhesive, peculiar smell of the transfer film, low adhesion of the transferred image and text.

If the pattern transfer is incomplete when the heat transfer vinyl sheet is transferred, the reason may be uneven transfer adhesive coating,  uneven or scarred transfer machine roller hardness, low transfer temperature, then you need to check the applicator mesh is blocked, replace the roller, and improve the temperature.

Does heat transfer vinyl sheet have a strange smell? The reason may be that the solvent in the glue is not fully evaporated and the solvent residue in the ink is still more. To avoid the odor of the heat transfer vinyl sheet, you can adjust the temperature and production speed of the drying tunnel and adjust the temperature and production speed of the printing machine oven.

Is the graphics and text adhesion of the thermal transfer film low during transfer? If the compatibility between the transfer adhesive and the transferred material is not ideal, you can choose the transfer adhesive again. When the heat transfer vinyl sheet appears self-adhesive, how to solve it? First of all, we can find the reason that the solvent in the adhesive or ink is not completely evaporated, and the softening point of the adhesive is low. Thus, you can increase the temperature during production to facilitate the volatilization of the solvent or choose a glue with a higher softening point.

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