What is PVC Banner Material?

With the development of the advertising market, materials such as PVC banners have made significant progress. PVC banners, also known as flex banners, are widely used in the advertising industry. Below is an article about PVC banners compiled by TOME, hoping it can help you.


Crafted from a blend of PVC material and meshed light-conducting fibers, this banner offers exceptional flexibility and uniform light transmission. With its superior printing effect, strong ink absorption, quick drying, vibrant color expression, excellent light-blocking capability, and robust physical properties, it also boasts outstanding weather resistance.

vinyl banner rolls


The surface is smooth, glossy, with vibrant ink-absorbing colors, excellent weather resistance, high tensile strength, and a long lifespan.

It possesses unique reflective properties, enabling it to achieve the same visibility effect as internal or external light sources without the need for additional lighting at night, simply by reflecting the light emitted by passing vehicles.

Due to these advantages, it offers better advertising effectiveness compared to ordinary PVC banners, providing advertising impact both day and night.


In the realms of advertising printing and indoor/outdoor advertising, typical applications include lightboxes, bridge billboards, lamp post banners, road pillar flags, and are also used in traffic-related items such as road cones, crash barriers, and temporary traffic signs.

They are also employed in outdoor lightbox advertising, outdoor signage advertising, waterproofing projects, curtain walls, furniture accessories, and more.

pvc frontlit flex banner


Similar to regular flex banners, it can be directly printed on and installed by stretching taut.

Application Areas:

Advertising printing/lightbox advertising/etc./Traffic signs, etc.

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