What Are the Benefits of Using Vehicle Car Wrap?

Vehicle car wrap is a thin film that is applied to the front and rear windshields, side windows, and sunroofs of vehicles. This thin film is also called solar film or heat-insulating film.

The main function of vehicle car wrap is to block UV rays, reduce heat, prevent glass from splashing and causing harm, prevent glare, and protect privacy through the one-way perspective of the solar film. In addition, it can also reduce damage to items and people in the car caused by UV radiation, reduce the temperature inside the car through physical reflection, reduce the use of air conditioning, reduce fuel consumption, and save some expenses.

The functions of vehicle car wrap

Overall, there are seven major benefits of vehicle car wrap:

  • Thermal insulation and sun protection. The vehicle car wrap can effectively block the large amount of heat generated by infrared rays.

  • UV protection. Medium and long wave UV rays can penetrate thick glass, but heat-insulating film can block most UV rays, prevent skin damage, and reduce the aging of car interiors.

  • Safety and explosion-proof. The base layer of the film is made of polyester film, which has the function of tear resistance and puncture resistance. When combined with the glue layer, the strength of the glass after applying vehicle car wrap can prevent it from accidentally breaking and causing harm to passengers.

  • Create a private space. Choose the appropriate variety and after applying the film, the interior of the car is usually not visible from the outside, but the outside is visible from the inside, which protects privacy and safety.

  • Reduce the burden of air conditioning and save fuel. Applying heat-insulating film can compensate for the loss of air conditioning cooling capacity, reduce the temperature inside the car, and achieve a certain degree of fuel savings.

  • Increase aesthetics. Personalize the beauty of your car through applying the film according to personal preferences.

  • Anti-glare. Reduce accidents caused by glare factors.

Structure of vehicle car wrap

  • Wear-resistant layer: composed of wear-resistant polyurethane, which can withstand normal wiping friction damage;

  • PET safety base layer: Made of high-strength, high-transparent PET polyester and pigments, which can also be dyed in different colors;

  • Metallic heat-insulating layer: Metal plating is a commonly used heat-insulating technology. A nano-metal layer with high reflectivity to infrared rays such as aluminum, silver, and nickel is vacuum deposited or magnetically sputtered on the PET film;

  • Composite adhesive: made of high-transparent polyurethane adhesive with good weather resistance;

  • UV absorption layer: composed of special UV absorbers, which can block 99% of UV rays;

  • Transparent PET safety base layer: composed of high-strength and high-transparent PET polyester film, the purpose of which is to sandwich the metal layer in the middle, prevent metal oxidation, and extend the life of the metal film;

  • Installation adhesive: made of good weather-resistant and high-transparent acrylic ester adhesive;

  • High-transparent PET release film.

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