Guide to Transparent Adhesive Vinyl: Weather Resistance

TOME’s Transparent Adhesive Vinyl material, subjected to numerous tests by our research team, exhibits outstanding weather resistance, including resistance to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, waterproofing, and abrasion resistance. Whether facing scorching heat, heavy rain, or strong winds, Transparent Adhesive Vinyl seamlessly adapts to different weather conditions. Its flexibility makes it a reliable choice for outdoor signage, window displays, and promotional materials, providing consistent performance in varying weather scenarios. We also customize the adhesive of our material based on the specific climatic conditions of certain locations, ensuring durability and clarity in advertising displays.

1、UV Resistance:

Transparent Adhesive Vinyl material, tested through our accumulated experiences, can withstand the impact of intense UV radiation. Its UV resistance ensures that prolonged exposure to sunlight does not compromise its clarity and vibrant colors.

2、High-Temperature Resistance:

In regions with prolonged exposure to high temperatures, particularly in markets like Africa, where adhesive melting due to prolonged high temperatures is a concern, the adhesive of our Transparent Adhesive Vinyl has been researched and tested by our development team. It can withstand high temperatures, reducing the likelihood of melting and detachment in hot regions.
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Our Transparent Adhesive Vinyl material incorporates waterproofing technology, providing a reliable moisture barrier for your advertisements. Its waterproofing capability ensures that the adhesive and the vinyl itself remain unaffected by rain, humidity, or other environmental moisture, contributing to long-lasting outdoor performance.

4、Abrasion Resistance:

TOME’s Transparent Adhesive Vinyl boasts impressive abrasion resistance, ensuring the material maintains its integrity even in challenging outdoor conditions. This resistance to wear and tear makes it suitable for applications where the material may come into contact with various environmental elements.
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