Vinyl vs. Coated vs. Mesh Banners: Your Best Choice?

Vinyl Banners/Coated Banners/Mesh Banners, what are the similarities and differences between these three materials? How to choose according to the specific use case?

Vinyl Banners

Ordinary Vinyl Banners, also known as PVC banners, are made of PVC raw materials through a specific process, mainly used for outdoor advertising printing.

Production process: Vinyl Banner is divided into three types: 550 vinyl banner, 520 vinyl banner and Blockout banner. Here we focus on the Blockout Banner.

The Blockout Banner is also a PVC Banner, which is characterized by a black back and a white front, and the picture is printed on the white front, while the back of the Blockout Banner is opaque and the bottom is pure black.

This banner material has excellent shading properties and is commonly used in situations such as stage backgrounds. In the production process, it is necessary to pay attention to avoid splicing as much as possible, because if the splicing is not well bonded, it is easy to leak light. It is widely used in outdoor exhibition centers, inside and outside shopping malls, stage backgrounds, venue main backgrounds and other places that require shading effect and are inconvenient for construction. In addition, it can directly overwrite existing screens, reducing the need to cancel existing screens.

Blockout Banner Rolls
Blockout Banner Rolls

Coated Banners

Coated Banners are a type of banner material made by knife scraping and are thicker than regular Vinyl banners. The front is smooth and soft, while the back is rough and grainy. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and can last for more than 3 years in outdoor environments.

In addition, there are various types of Coated Banners, among which the common one is the Backlit banner, also known as Netless Coated Banners or Fine Mesh Coated Banners, whose warp and weft lines are generally difficult to read with the naked eye. This banner material has good light transmission and is usually used in indoor light boxes (as opposed to Frontlit Banner, which has poor light transmission and is often used for outdoor signs). It should be noted that there are certain requirements for the model of inkjet printer.

Coated Banners are widely used in outdoor coated canopies, light boxes, backdrops, etc., which are cost-effective and easy to attract attention.

PVC Coated Banners Rolls
PVC Coated Banners Rolls

Mesh banner

Mesh Banners are similar to One Way Vision in that they use optical principles to fill small holes in the fabric and then print the image on the fabric. In the bright area, you can see the picture; In the dark, you can see the scene behind the fabric. Plaid fabric has its own unique characteristics, which is more durable and durable than ordinary fabric, because of its high strength and good alkali resistance.

It is widely used in transparent glass in department stores, building advertisements and other places, with high cost performance, and its wind and tensile strength make the installation of high-rise advertisements safer.

Mesh banner rolls
Mesh banner rolls


  1. Different material properties: Vinyl Banners are generally cost-effective and practical. Coated Banners have good light transmittance and a flat and soft surface, which is suitable for long-term use of advertising materials. Mesh Banners have high tensile strength, good flexibility, and good cold resistance, which is suitable for long-term outdoor production of advertising.
  2. The thickness is different: Coated Banners and Mesh Banners are thicker, and Vinyl Banners are thinner.
  3. The price is different: Vinyl Banners is a commonly used material, which is inexpensive and practical. Mesh Banners have strong tensile strength, are filled with small holes, and are affordable. Whereas, Coated Banners is more expensive.

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