Vehicle Wrapping

  • Material: PVC vinyl (Self adhesive stickers High temperature and water Proof );
  • Clean with water easily;
  • Water-resistant. It will not cause any damage to your paint or metal/plastic finish;
    Very easy to stretch: can be molded over curves or stick on any curve surface by using a heat gun or hair dryer to help with shaping or stretching.

    It is widely used for cars, laptops, motors, trunk lids, home decoration, side pillars, bikes, phones, etc. It can be cut for the shape you like.

Temperature Of Car Vinyl Wrap

Installation Temperature: 60F to 80F (16C to 32C);
End Use Temperature: -65F to 225F (-60C to 107C).

How to Install the Car Vinyl Wrap

  1.  Cleaning the surface with rubbing alcohol prior to installing the vinyl will help with adhesion and clean any contaminants that may cause imperfections;
  2.  Using a heat gun can aid in the installation by making the vinyl more pliable and also help remove wrinkles;
  3.  Using a soft rubber squeegee will help smooth out bubbles and wrinkles;
  4.  Need a sharp utility-style knife, squeegee, blow dryer, or heat gun to install. You can cut the shape you like.

Note Of Car Vinyl Wrap

(1) Not pasting in rainy or cloudy weather;
(2) No waxing one week before the pasting of the car sticker;
(3) No washing in 48hrs after the pasting.

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