TOME Team’s 2023 Annual Team Building Trip to Sanya

Boss: ‘Achieve the performance goals in the PK competition and we’re off to Sanya.’

Goal achieved – Go! Go! Go!

Bask in the warm sunshine, let’s embark on a journey to see the sea together.

A group of people, one path, growing together,With hearts full of gratitude, everything we encounter is beautiful.


Time: 2023.11.09–2023.11.12

Weather: Clear skies for miles

Location: Beachside, sandy shores, coconut groves

Blue skies, ocean waves, sandy beaches, coconut trees, sunshine… are the labels of Sanya.


The TOME team building has been arranged with plans and itinerary set. Let’s embark together on the “Quest for Summer” journey in Sanya!

Day 1: Guangzhou to Sanya - Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark - Atlantis S Show

At the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, embark on a magical adventure. Experience the anti-gravity water slide projects for thrilling surprises, or explore the park’s thrilling waterways and mysterious underwater river channels.


Day 2: Day trip to Wuzhizhou Island

Walking barefoot on the white sandy beach, with the intoxicating coconut breeze, and the roaring waves. Standing at the shore, watching the ebb and flow, the crystal-clear seawater covering the feet, the foamy waves are gifts from the tide.

Wuzhizhou Island is a famous 5A-level scenic spot, fulfilling tourists’ desires for holiday enjoyment and pursuit of “sea, land, air, underwater” quadruple play.

Day 3: Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park - Rose Valley

Enjoy the unique tropical rainforest landscape of Hainan. From the heights of the glass walkway, the view is spectacular, capturing the entire Yalong Bay. Experience the serene and leisurely tranquility of nature, with the sea and sky blending into one, offering a different kind of sensation.

Every moment captured in the lens represents every scenery passed during the journey; every road walked together, every sight seen, and every image left behind, all become indispensable memories for each other.

Day 4: Nanshan Cultural Park - Yacht Tour - Guangzhou

With red tiles, green trees, and the backdrop of azure seas and blue skies, companions venture out to admire the scenery of the southern land. Colleagues who usually stand shoulder to shoulder in battle now embark on a journey to relax and unwind, alleviating the fatigue of work and strengthening the bonds among them. Together, they make wishes for a brighter future.

Breathing in the scent of the sea breeze and the waves, fully enjoying the blessings of nature, setting aside the busy work, experiencing the peace and beauty of life.

Faces full of vitality and energy,

We share laughter and excitement together,

Grateful for the wonderful encounters, thankful for moving forward hand in hand,

Creating more beautiful moments together!

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