TOME EV2002 Series: A Comprehensive Guide for Successful Application


EJET self adhesive vinyl EV2002 Series
TOME EV2002 Series, renowned for its versatility, finds its purpose in diverse applications, ranging from public transportation systems and rail transit systems to various advertising displays. Specifically designed for smooth flat surfaces and slight curves, such as corrugated boards, PVC sheets, KT boards, acrylic, and exhibition boards, this series offers a broad spectrum of possibilities. Achieving optimal results hinges on adhering to the prescribed instructions for preparation and application.

Storage and Processing Conditions:

To maintain the integrity of the self-adhesive products supplied by TOME, it is crucial to store them correctly. Rolls should be suspended or positioned upright on roll blocks, always with end caps. Lying the rolls without end caps is strongly discouraged. Ideal storage conditions include a cool, dry place shielded from sunlight, with a recommended temperature range of 15°C (59℉) to 35°C (95℉) and a relative humidity of 20-65% RH.


Careful handling of the product is paramount during the printing process. Utilizing cotton gloves is advisable to prevent damage to the surface or soiling. Surface quality and print files should be thoroughly examined prior to printing or application. Different qualities of TOME products necessitate varied parameter settings for printers and selecting software (RIP). Consideration of ink quantity and specific color definitions is imperative. A printing environment with a temperature of 22±3°C and a relative humidity of 50±10% is recommended for optimal results.
Printing effect of EV2002 adhesive vinyl01

Drying Up:

Freshly printed films require adequate drying time to allow residual solvents to evaporate. Printing vinyls prematurely may lead to shrinkage in the printed areas. Early lamination can impact the film’s functionality, affecting adhesive power and service life by impeding solvent evaporation. Following the provided instructions, it is recommended to spread out and dry the film for a minimum of 24 hours, either lying or hanging.


Surface preparation is a crucial step before application, necessitating a thorough cleaning to eliminate dirt, dust, or grease. A wet application method is recommended during application to ensure closer adhesion of graphics to the surface. Post-application, the use of a squeegee is essential to eliminate excess moisture from the surface.
EV2002 Matte premanent white self adhesive vinyl
EV2002 Matte premanent white self adhesive vinyl

In conclusion, the TOME EV2002 Series stands out as a reliable choice for various applications. By adhering to the outlined guidelines, users can ensure a seamless and successful application of white adhesive vinyl, with a focus on achieving permanent adhesive vinyl results.

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