The Most Effective And Cost-effective Media Resources For Car Advertising Vinyl Sticker

Car Advertising Vinyl Sticker

For the advertising industry, the car is a mobile advertising media carrier that can deliver brand messages to consumers while running in the city. Car body advertising is an extremely cost-effective media resource, a highly mobile and attractive media resource, with influential regional advertising media with a large impact on the advertising screen and continuous advertising impact, which can effectively advertise to a specific group of people in a specific area. Flat outdoor advertising is then made into mobile advertising, such as bus, truck, tour bus, and commercial vehicle body advertising, which can effectively and quickly spread the client’s advertising message to every corner of the city.

Bus advertising is suitable for spreading advertising messages in almost all industries

Such as food, beverages, alcohol, health products, cosmetics, daily necessities, household appliances, food and entertainment, public service advertising, etc. The bus body is large and bulky, so the display space on both sides of the body has a huge advertising area, a clear house of images, a long effective transmission distance, and can fully display images. The body advertising method is the most flexible and subsequent because of the long line spacing, strong visual impact, and high exposure rate, which has a significant impact on the company’s brand promotion and product promotion.

The body medium is released on the whole body and the screen ticket covers all releasable positions on the body surface, this program release format has a high degree of fit in the visual effect and the screen covers all surfaces of the body, thus maximizing the visual advantages of the body media. The full-text release format is suitable for publishing advertising messages with strong integrity and greater visual effect.

The car body advertising spray paint is beautifully crafted and informative. It passes through the streets of the city every day and is located on the main streets of the city. By attracting people’s attention, the advertising message is embedded in people’s minds. For the ultimate publicity effect, the advertising message must be delivered directly to consumers, drawing their attention to the advertising.

The Process Of Making Car Advertising by Adhesive Vinyl Sticker

Outdoor mobile advertising is common in major cities both at home and abroad. The process of making a body ad is very sophisticated. First, we transfer the advertising pattern to polygraphic yellow and then glue the body with the large figure in the center. Exceptional body advertising not only wraps the body intact but also does not interfere with the window view. Polyethylene film must be weather-resistant, heat-resistant, UV-resistant, wind-resistant, cold resistant, and frost resistant. The process of attaching polyethylene film to the body is also critical, and the advertising adhesive material must be kept in working condition until the body ad is replaced. Finally, the polyethylene film must be easy to remove and peel off easily when using a stripper or other chemical material to remove the self-adhesive vinyl sticker. This is without damaging the surface of the car.

The process of packaging the body is a series of large adhesive sheets placed into the seats according to each specific part of the car shell. Arranging each piece of polyethylene film in the proper position to form the complete picture is not an easy task. When wrapping the body, one must consider whether the advertisement is temporary or permanent, which part of the body is more appropriate, whether the material of that part (metal or glass) is smooth or bumpy, and whether windows, door jams, and steam holes will be affected. Window wraps are easy to manufacture, but require the use of another type of polyethylene-semi-intrusive material (mesh with holes) that can be firmly attached to the windows and through which passengers can see the outside view.

The complete process of body ad production consists of five core steps, namely: designing the artwork in body ad mode. The final step is the removal of the heavy polyethylene film. Each step is very complex and involves a series of specialized steps from modifying the image to the final application of the polyethylene film to the car body.

In a thriving city, advertising images are everywhere, stationary and moving. Among mobile advertising figures, it is undeniable that inkjet body advertising has become the most active advertising method. Every day there is back-and-forth mobile advertising until the night tomb falls when it stops touring the city to advertise

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