The Four Parameters of Automotive Window Film

Transparency of vehicle car wrap

This is the most important performance of vehicle car wrap concerning driving safety. It is recommended that users do not select films with too low transparency, especially for the front side windows of the two front seats and the windshield. The material used in the windshield film should be clear enough so that even if the film is darker in color, the view outside should still be clear and not dim or distorted. It is more suitable to choose a transparency rate of over 85%. At this point, the side window film does not need to be punctured and does not affect the line of sight. During nighttime driving, it can also weaken the strong reflection of the rear car headlights on the rearview mirror, making the driver’s eyes very comfortable. In addition, it can ensure good visibility during rainy nights, reversing, and turning.

Heat insulation rate of vehicle car wrap

Taking into account the climate factors of long summers, high temperatures, and strong sunshine in the Guangdong region, the heat insulation performance of window film should be high. High-quality explosion-proof film can reflect infrared rays, which can lower the temperature inside the car, reduce the load on the air conditioner, and save fuel. The method of judging whether the film works well is simple: just use vehicle car wrap to block the sun, and feel the heat insulation effect with your face or hand.

Explosion-proof performance of vehicle car wrap

This is another important safety issue. High-quality explosion-proof film has strong toughness and can stick the broken glass together, preventing it from flying off and injuring people. It also has strong impact resistance. In contrast, inferior explosion-proof films feel very soft, lack sufficient toughness, and are susceptible to UV radiation, aging, and embrittlement.

UV blocking rate of vehicle car wrap

For high-quality vehicle car wrap, this index is generally not lower than 98%, with some films achieving up to 100%. A high UV blocking rate can effectively prevent excessive UV radiation on people in the car, avoid skin burns, and protect car audio systems from sun damage. In contrast, many inferior films have no such indicator, or the indicator is far lower than the standard of 98%. This indicator is also the main basis for product quality assurance.

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