The Common Problems and Solutions in the Processing of Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheets

Heat transfer printing is a new printing process. The printing method of this process is divided into two parts: transfer film printing and transfer processing. The transfer film printing adopts dot printing (with a resolution of 300 dpi), and the pattern is printed on the surface of the film in advance. The printed pattern is rich in layers, colorful and ever-changing, with small color differences and good reproducibility, which can achieve the desired effect of the pattern designer and is suitable for mass production.

Transfer printing: The exquisite pattern on the transfer film is transferred to the product surface through one-step processing (heating and pressurizing) by the thermal transfer machine. After molding, the ink layer is integrated with the product surface, which is vivid and beautiful, greatly improving the product grade. However, due to the high technical content of this process, many materials need to be imported.

Heat transfer vinyl processing solves the problems of color registration and unsightly design

Because the flower film printed by thermal transfer printing does not need to be overprinted, multicolored patterns can be mapped by heat transfer vinyl processing at one time. Simple equipment can also print vivid, bright, and vivid patterns, which are rich in decoration value and can greatly increase the added value of products.

Heat transfer vinyl processing deals with the difficult problem of poor function

In recent years, heat transfer printing has developed rapidly. The difference from printing is that thermal transfer printing makes transfer printing ink sublimate and penetrate the surface of objects at high temperature, and then forms a bright-colored image, which is characterized by bright colors and rich layers. Its function can be comparable to that of printing.

Heat transfer vinyl processing handles the personalized requirements of different customers

According to the response of the whole shopping mall, personalized services are gradually developed for different customers, and a large number of products are developed in depth.

Heat transfer vinyl processing handles more difficult problems:

Heat transfer printing technology has dealt with the problems of high cost, disunity of raw materials, long manufacturing cycle, inability to reuse, and short service life of logo manufacturing in the past, and brought an innovative management mode of saving and high efficiency to the field of logo use.

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