The Analysis Of The Causes Of Printing Machinery Out Of Ink


If the printing machine is out of ink, what are the reasons? If it is not solved in time, it will surely affect the quality of the image. Therefore, we can make a list of the reasons:

  1.  Ink is easy to volatile. Then the solid objects will remain. It is easy to get rid of them on the outside of the nozzle. That is why we often clean the nozzle.
  2. Piezoelectric crystal is damaged. Less than a year of usage is normal if there are overloaded print works in the factories.
  3. When there is a large amount of inkjet, the piezoelectric crystal will be fatigue damaged. Then we need to replace the nozzle.
  4.  Long time of ink flowing in the nozzle and a smaller cross-sectional area can also cause of ink phenomenon on the nozzle.
  5. Drive circuit fault may affect the voltage of the driving nozzle which will result in the failure of ink.
  6.  Frequent replacement ink will affect the nozzle ink-jet state.
  7. The working environment temperature and humidity; higher or lower temperature will affect the ink viscosity, which is often mistaken as the “nozzle blockage”.

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