Self adhesive vinyl

Whether indoors or outdoors, it provides the perfect solution for your advertising material needs.

At TOME, you can find self-adhesive vinyl suitable for various advertising applications, and we can customize adhesive thicknesses to meet your project needs—something others cannot do.

We are an advertising materials manufacturer with over 20 years of export experience, having served regions including Africa, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. Our products are made with varying adhesive thicknesses to adapt to local climate conditions, earning us an excellent reputation among our customers.

* Whether it’s a product issue or a shipping problem, we offer negotiation and a 100% full refund guarantee.

EJET - self adhesive vinyl rolls

Perfect combination of durability and versatility

All series of our brand’s self-adhesive vinyl have the feature of “delayed adhesion,” allowing for easy repositioning without causing wrinkles, tears, or damage to the underlying substrate.

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