Self adhesive vinyl

Self adhesive vinyl

EJET adhesive vinyl
Self-adhesive vinyl are made of high-density release paper, ensuring that the film will be smooth. The stick film can easily be peeled off of the release paper, and it makes the user feel very smooth when using. Grade A&A+ PVC film, high-quality film ensures outstanding picture printing effect, supports solvent printing, and eco-solvent printing. The glue is imported, has no pungent smell, and is harmless to the human body. Viscosity can be adjusted according to customer requirements. The most significant point is that there is no glue residue after removal.

Permanent adhesive vinyl

Indoor and outdoor advertising design with permanent adhesive and high-definition film for flat and slightly curved surfaces.

Removable adhesive vinyl

Easy removal design with excellent adhesion and a 2-year weather-resistant film for indoor and outdoor use.

Transparent adhesive vinyl

Printable polyester-based face for super transparent film, ideal for windows, glass decorations, and removable, ultra-transparent applications.

Product Application

Building or glass wall decoration; Bus, Metro, Auto car body decoration, car body commercial, Interior & exterior signs, temporary promotional and point of sale advertising.

Due to its versatile and flexible property, self-adhesive vinyl is commonly used for the making of business logos and signs, and sometimes for personal purposes. Many advertising graphics are created by self-adhesive vinyl, whether it’s indoor graphics or the outdoor. Some office walls and windows also use self-adhesive vinyl to achieve the decorative purposes.

In terms of window signage, we offer One-Way Vision for our customers, as well as perfectly perforated window film. With our One-Way Vision Sticker creating a seemingly indoor view, your privacy can be greatly protected, and sunlight can be correspondingly reduced. Optional customized designs are available, and promotional messages can be added to our One Way Vision stickers.

Get beautiful vinyl stickers from EJET Vinyl for walls, doors, and windows. Also, you can buy these stickers for home decoration. People love to decorate their rooms with vinyl stickers. It includes a ceiling too. EJET Vinyl is a custom printing vinyl factory that has the most durable stickers of vinyl. They can last for about 1-2 years allowing users to enjoy them completely. They are highly adhesive for both permanent and temporary use. You can use them for event decoration also. Once you wind up, you can remove them. As a vinyl sticker printing factory, we have a complete range of vivid colors. Buyers can purchase them with any kind of color combination. What makes them durable is their resistance level. They can resist moisture and blisters for a long period. This also includes their surface resistance. As vehicle vinyl stickers maker, we ensure our stickers avoid discoloration upon exposure to sunlight for a long time.

We are selling discounted vinyl sticker rolls in bulk to everyone. EJET Vinyl is a wholesale vinyl posters maker with very affordable rates every buyer needs. We can supply vinyl sticker rolls with low and high MOQ limits at cut rates. We have enough capacity to produce vinyl stickers with customization options. If buyers want to place orders in bulk, they can contact us via our website. We are vinyl stickers roll exporter with the best quality and large quantity. We sell low-priced sticker rolls of vinyl at a very low price to various buyers around the world. Avail of factory rates along with top benefits from us to decorate or advertise anything. This is also a reason why you can consider us a sticker vinyl roll wholesale supplier.

There are lots of applications for vinyl stickers. These PVC stickers also work on automobiles. EJET Vinyl is an auto vinyl sticker factory that has various designs and shapes for vehicle decoration. Users can apply them on cars, buses, metro, trucks, etc. Our stickers will have high adhesion against rain, snow, and dust in this case. Every kind of color, shape, picture, and logo can be printed on these vinyl stickers. This is why EJET Vinyl is a top vehicle vinyl stickers manufacturer in the world. Besides, users can use them in homes, offices, schools, subways, restaurants, cinemas, etc. Likewise, you can apply them on home appliances like refrigerators, water dispensers, and washing machines.

We are a decal vinyl stickers manufacturer that manufactures custom vinyl stickers also. You can use those custom stickers for sign boards, advertising banners, movie posters, etc

EJET Vinyl (Guangdong TOME Ad Media Ltd.) is a renowned name in China for manufacturing the best quality vinyl sticker rolls. Since 2004, we have been in this field with continuous improvement. This also makes us vinyl stickers roll supplier in the entire world. We use prime-quality PVC films for the manufacturing process. Each employee contributes to the overall success of this company. We are well aware of modern technology and we comply with international standards for that. This makes us a vinyl sticker printing distributor with the finest quality and safety measures. If you are a trader of vinyl sticker rolls, you can reach us for different types, sizes, and designs for customization.

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