vinyl banner has wrinkles and creases, how to remove them

How does vinyl banner error handling?

What should I do if the folded Vinyl Banner has creases? Can it be solved with an iron and hot water? The answer is NO!

  1. Don’t use an iron, as it will easily melt the picture.
  2. Do not use hot water. While the idea of thermal expansion and contraction is useful, it is not convenient in practice. Hot water is easy to burn people, and banners are also easy to damage. In addition, it is not easy to use hot water at the installation site, and the wet picture is not convenient for workers to install and install.
  3. After the vinyl banner is installed, it will naturally and slowly level after 1-3 days. You can also go and tighten the banner a little. If you don’t install the banner, it will be naturally smooth and flattened.
PVC vinyl banner

How to install a vinyl banner to avoid wrinkles:

  1. During installation, make sure that the perimeter is tightened so that the banner remains square and flat.
  2. If there are unevenness or wrinkles around the corners or sides, the banner is not sufficiently tightened. Usually, experienced ad installers will handle it properly when hanging the banner to ensure that the picture is tightly fastened and avoid wrinkles.
  3. If the bottom plate is not flat when installed, the banner contact with the uneven base plate may also cause wrinkles. The solution is to ensure that the bottom plate or the bottom plate (iron sheet) is installed flat.
  4. Make sure that all sides, top, bottom, left and right, and corners are tightened and properly fastened to ensure that the banner remains flat.
Backlit Banner

Introduction of Coated Banner:

Coated banner is a high-grade PVC banner rolls, which is thicker than vinyl banner, with high color saturation, bright colors and delicate texture. It is suitable for high-end Backlit Banner advertising, high-end display truss banners. The price of the Coated Banner is slightly higher than that of the Vinyl Banner.

Since the coated banner is relatively thick, it is not easy to flatten once folded and wrinkled, so it is not easy to flatten it when installed.

PVC Coated Banner

To deal with the pleats on the coated banner:

  1. Use boiling water to pour over the back of the fold and flatten it (remember not to burn the front of the picture directly, but the back of the picture, and be careful not to burn yourself).
  2. A heat gun can be used.
  3. Be sure to install the coated banner with force, or with the help of a tool such as forceps (or flat-mouth puller clamps) if possible.
  4. If it is a Backlit Banner, be sure to pull the edge of the banner firmly to install and fix it, because the light will heat the banner after turning it on, helping it to level naturally, and it will become flat in a few days.

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