What are PVC banners made of?

PVC banner is a substrate composed of two layers of PVC and one layer of high-strength mesh cloth, which is produced by a specific production process, mainly used for outdoor advertising printing. Common types include frontlit banners, backlit banners, coated banners, and blockout banners. Its production methods include Knife coating method, Calendering method and Lamination method.

Key points of quality identification of PVC banner: thickness, tensile strength, ductility, weather resistance, light transmittance, flame retardancy, peeling, flatness, such as for spray painting, ink absorption, color reproduction, etc.

PVC banners are suitable for outdoor and indoor advertising use, and there is a 3-year warranty for outdoor use. PVC banner is composed of printing ink adsorption layer, UV-resistant milky white layer, anti-mildew layer and fiber layer, with a thickness of 19-23mil. It has the advantages of printable, high strength, ultraviolet resistance, white and bright, uniform light transmission, mildew-proof, dust-proof, and not easy to seepage.

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TOME's PVC BANNER ROLLS factory processing steps
TOME's PVC BANNER ROLLS factory processing steps

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