Uses and differences of PVC banner printing materials

According to the different light transmittance and the position of the light source, the banner rolls material can be divided into three types: Frontlit Banner, Backlit Banner and Mesh Banner:

1.PVC banner

PVC banner is a three-in-one material, consisting of two layers of PVC calendered film, with a fiber material in the middle. Its material is relatively hard, with high thickness and strong tensile strength, and the general thickness is less than 3 cm, which is only about 1/10 of ordinary banner rolls. Mainly used outdoors, the ink is mostly oily, so it has strong water resistance and ultraviolet resistance. The mesh banner adopts a high-temperature lamination process to form the product.

  • Frontlit Banner refers to the banner roll material that displays advertisements by projecting light from the outside of PVC BANNER, and its light transmittance is usually between 5%~10%. This kind of banner roll material is often used to make large outdoor banners because of its strong typhoon resistance.
  • Backlit Banner refers to the banner roll material that emits light through the back of the light box cloth to display the advertisement, and its light transmittance is generally between 25%~35%. This kind of banner roll material is mostly used to make small and medium-sized roadside billboards
  • Mesh Banner is a PVC banner roll material designed and manufactured for areas with strong climate and wind. Because the surface of the material is densely covered with mesh, it can allow wind to penetrate the surface of the material, greatly reducing the pressure of typhoons on the banner advertising, thereby extending its outdoor service life.
vinyl banner rolls
Left: frontlit banner rolls; middle: backlit banner rolls; right: mesh banner rolls

2. Material classification:

There are many different materials to choose for PVC banner rolls, depending on the needs of the customer. The smaller the value of the PVC banner, the thinner its thickness is, close to transparent, and the price is relatively cheap; The larger the value, the whiter and thicker the PVC banner, and the higher the price. The thickness of banner rolls can be judged by observing the density of the filament, and the more filaments there are, the thicker the banner rolls.

vinyl banner rolls material

3. TOME conventional PVC banner rolls thickness:

  • Frontlit Banner:240~550GSM;
  • Backlit Banner:440/510/550/610/650GSM;
  • Mesh Banner:9*9/12*12/9*18
banner rolls material
banner rolls material

4. Usage:

Generally speaking, low-profile PVC banners are usually suitable for applications such as store billboards, such as banner rolls with a thickness of 240GSM. The thick PVC banner is more suitable for large-scale advertising, outdoor advertising and other occasions, such as the thickness of 500GSM banner roll.

Application scenarios of banner rolls
Application scenarios of banner rolls

5. The difference between PVC banner rolls and adhesive vinyl rolls:

  • Adhesive backing difference: PVC banner rolls have no adhesive backing, while adhesive vinyl rolls have adhesive backing. 
  • Material differences: PVC banner rolls are made of composite materials, similar to cloth or fiber; adhesive vinyl rolls, on the other hand, are synthetic materials and belong to the category of PVC plastics.
  • Light transmittance: PVC banner rolls have good light transmittance, while adhesive vinyl rolls are basically opaque (except Transparent Adhesive Vinyl rolls).
  • Resolution: Comparatively, adhesive vinyl rolls usually have a higher resolution, while PVC banner rolls have a slightly lower printing accuracy. 
  • Performance characteristics: PVC banner rolls have higher thickness and tensile strength, while adhesive vinyl rolls are thinner and have a lower degree of tensile strength.
Left: adhesive vinyl rolls; right: vinyl banner rolls

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