3 Kings of PVC Banner Making Process

What is PVC Banner Material

PVC banner is a kind of banner advertising material composed of two layers of PVC and one layer of high-strength mesh cloth, which is divided into two types: Frontlit Banner and Backlit Banner.

PVC Frontlit Banner
PVC Frontlit Banner
PVC Backlit Banner
PVC Backlit Banner

PVC banners are divided into three types according to the production process:Knife Coated PVC banners, Calendered PVC banners, and Laminated PVC banners.

Knife Coating Method

Knife coating method uniformly applies liquid PVC slurry to both sides of the substrate with several reverse scrapers, and then through the drying process to completely bond them into one entity, followed by cooling and forming.

It is characterized by strong anti-permeability, tensile resistance and peeling resistance. Since the Knife Coating Method is a banner material, the top and bottom are one piece, so that peeling can be eliminated, and the strength of the splicing can be greater than that of the product itself by welding.

At present, the width of the light box cloth of this process can reach 5 meters. Due to the complexity of the production process and the relatively expensive production equipment, the price of banner materials for this process is relatively high.

Knife Coated Banner
Knife Coated Banner Rolls

Calendering Method

Calendering method involves thoroughly mixing PVC powder with various raw materials such as liquid plasticizers. Then, under the pressure of high-temperature hot rollers, it bonds with the substrate to form a unified whole.

It is characterized by good surface flatness and uniform light transmission, which is an advantage on the Backlit Banner.

However, due to the limitation of equipment, the width is generally not more than 3 meters. The 645 and 945 flex banners developed by 3M in the United States are produced by this process;

Backlit Banner's translucent effect
Backlit Banner's translucent effect

lamination method

Lamination method involves bonding two layers of formed PVC film together by heating them and applying pressure from hot rollers, while adhering to a middle layer of light-conducting fiber mesh, and then cooling to shape.

The greatest feature of this method is its excellent ink absorption for printing and strong color expression.

Therefore, with the rise of large-scale printing industry, it has brought boundless vitality to this type of flex banner.

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