Printing Guide for Advertising Materials – Material Type

There are two kinds of inkjet painting: one is outdoor advertising screen output, and the other is indoor advertising screen output. It can be customized according to the actual situation. The price of a finished painting is calculated by multiplying the actual number of square meters by the price per square meter, and the design fee is charged by the degree of difficulty.

A. Indoor Photography materials

indoor advertising banner
indoor advertising banner
  1.  PP Film (that is, we commonly call the poster, exquisite glue, high precision, but there is no self-adhesive surface behind, customers can use double-sided tape to stick on the wall, can be used many times)
  2. Adhesive Backed Vinyl(the difference with PP film is that it has its own adhesive surface, and the customer tears off the film behind it and sticks it on the wall)
  3. Photo paper (also commonly known as poster, exquisite photo paper, high precision, no self-adhesive surface)
  4. Light box piece (exquisite spray painting in front of the light box, it is different from the spray painting on our common signboards, but is used for the spray painting on the McDonald’s menu light box, with exquisite images and moderate light transmittance) 
  5. Adhesive Backed mounting ordinary board (that is, the adhesive is pasted on a special KT board similar to foam board, and then the edge strips are added around to form a picture frame, this material is lightweight, can be used as a company decoration, exhibition display. 
  6. Adhesive-Backed-mounted high-quality board (The difference between the plate and the ordinary board is that there will be no bubbles on the board surface after long-term use.)
  7. Silk Banner(similar to silk-like spray painting material, used for more romantic and elegant display occasions, such as clothing stores, etc.) 
  8. Canvas Banner (used for more romantic and elegant display venues, with a certain oil painting texture, can be used for wedding photography, etc.) 
  9. Transparent Adhesive Vinyl (another kind of adhesive, but this kind has a transparent phenomenon, most of them are used for door posting, this material is noble and generous, is a choice to show the company’s image. )

B. Outdoor Inkjet Printing Materials

outdoor advertising banner
outdoor advertising banner
  1. Outdoor Frontlit Banner (We see large-scale spray painting outdoors, this kind of light is sprayed from the outside. )
  2. Outdoor BACKLIT BANNER Backlit Banner (We see spray painting on outdoor signs, this kind of light shines in a light box and sprays outward.)
  3. Self Adhesive Vinyl (used for spraying on the body, this kind of spray painting has good viscosity and is resistant to sunlight)
  4. Outdoor silk Banner (used for more romantic and elegant display occasions, but this kind can be used outdoors)
  5. Mesh Banner (mesh spray painting material, a material used for guests’ special expression to reflect the style) 
  6. One Way Vision (material attached to body glass, used in conjunction with body stickers)

For indoor use, the picture it outputs is generally only a few square meters in size. There is a maximum width of 1.5 meters at one end. After the output image is completed, it should be laminated (customers can choose to use light film or sub-film), or mounted board to be considered a finished product, with high output resolution, saturated and clear colors. The outdoor accuracy will be relatively small, the size is not limited, and there is no need to pass the film.

Note: Inkjet images are best stored in TIF format, but JPEG format is available for easy transfer. Files in Coreldraw, Freehand, and Illustrator formats must convert all text to curves.

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