Permanent vs. Removable Vinyl Rolls: Differences & Uses

There are many kinds of PVC vinyl rolls materials, the common ones are Adhesive Vinyl rolls, adhesive backed vinyl rolls, One Way Vision, Cold Lamination Film, Cutting Vinyl, etc.

1. What is Adhesive Vinyl rolls?

The structure consists of three parts: PVC functional layer, viscose layer and backing paper. According to the different production and processing technology of PVC film, the film can be divided into casting-grade film and calendered film.

Adhesive Vinyl rolls is mainly PVC outdoor adhesive stickers that can adapt to outdoor conditions, and its requirements are more wear-resistant than ordinary advertising-grade materials, with ordinary, laser, with air guide groove, high-definition transparent and many other options.

What is Adhesive Vinyl rolls
adhesive vinyl rolls

Common adhesive vinyl film products are composed of:

  • White Adhesive Vinyl Rolls: White calendered grade film, good weather resistance, transparent pressure activated back glue, excellent flat lamination performance, 1-3 years of use;
  • Black Adhesive Vinyl Rolls: White calendered grade film, good weather resistance, black pressure-activated back glue, excellent flat lamination performance, 1-3 years of use.

As the price of adhesive Vinyl rolls has dropped, many have been repurposed, such as for KT sheets for display. With the increasing number of machines using eco-solvent inks, Permanent Vinyl rolls have gained an increasing share of the market as an indoor and outdoor advertising material.

2. What is adhesive backed vinyl rolls?

Depending on the coating, it is suitable for printing with three inks: eco-solvent inks, pigment inks, and dye inks.

  • Adhesive backed PP printed with Co-solvent ink is also often called outdoor adhesive or oil-based adhesive, which can be used outdoors without lamination;
  • Pigment ink printing, the market is called waterproof adhesive, without laminating can only be used indoors
  • Dye ink is printed with a water-based adhesive, which is not waterproof, and the coating melts when it comes into contact with water, so it must be laminated for indoor use.
adhesive blacked vinyl rolls

The adhesive-backed vinyl PP synthetic paper is divided into four components:

  • One is the coating, which has been introduced above;
  • the second is PP substrate, with a thickness ranging from 65 microns to 240 microns;
  • The third is glue, which is divided into two kinds in the market, one is water glue and the other is oil glue; At present, the market is dominated by oil glue;
  • The fourth is release PET, which is to tear off the transparent film that is not used, ranging from 12 microns to 50 microns.

Normal advertising companies will be coated with a layer of transparent PVC protective film, which is divided into three types: light film, sub-film and fog film, one is to play a protective role, and the other is to enhance the texture of the picture.

The obvious advantage of removable adhesive vinyl is that it can be attached to a series of smooth materials such as marble, glass, acrylic board, etc., and can be torn off freely without leaving traces, which plays a certain role in protecting the environment. It is generally used indoors for short-term use, and is not suitable for outdoor long-term display such as display racks.

3. The difference between the two

To put it simply, there are three main differences between car stickers and adhesives:

(1) The difference between the material itself:

The surface of the removable adhesive vinyl is coated, and it will paste when exposed to water; The surface of the Permanent Adhesive Vinyl is not coated.

(2) Difference from the way of picture printing:

Removable adhesive vinyl is an interior photo, using water-based ink; Permanent Adhesive Viny is usually inkjet with an external co-solvent ink.

(3) Application differences:

Removable adhesive vinyl is mainly used indoors, pasted on the surface of glass, acrylic, fireproof board, aluminum-plastic board, wood board, etc., without damaging the surface of the advertising baseboard, which is convenient for future advertising removal and does not leave residue.

Permanent Adhesive Vinyl is weather-resistant and is usually removable. However, because the accuracy of spray painting is not up to the accuracy of indoor photography, it is rarely used indoors.

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