Considerations for Outdoor Inkjet Advertising Material

Inkjet advertising is often used outdoors, and the outdoor environment must be considered in the process of inkjet painting, and the most suitable inkjet materials and processes must be used.

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Printable Banner Roll Material

1.Prolonged outdoor spray advertising may cause problems.
– Such as bubbles, wrinkles or peeling of the surface protective film.

This is not only for outdoor spray painting, but also for indoor spray painting that needs to be reused, such as roll-up banners, X-shaped display racks, etc., you also need to be especially careful.

There are two main reasons for these problems:

  • The first is the lack of pressure during the lamination process, which causes the protective film to be not tightly bonded to the inkjet paper, allowing air or water vapor to enter.
  • The second is the quality of the protective film, such as toughness, thickness, and the type of glue used for bonding.

The quality of protective films on the current market is uneven, and it is best to choose a reputable merchant to cooperate with to avoid subsequent problems.

2.In order to prevent the occurrence of warping, when making body advertisements or making partial spray painting surfaces in light boxes, the perimeter must be edged and waterproofed.
– Specifically, three-second glue, liquid film, waterproof wax, etc. can be used for edge treatment.

The surface coating of the outdoor adhesive material adopts a waterproof ultra-fine three-layer superimposed structure, which has the characteristics of ultra-white and delicate.The voids in the coating are arranged at fixed intervals, which can firmly lock the ink, make the color delicate, and improve the color saturation.

A high-quality adhesive backing ensures long-term storage outdoors and a stronger adhesive bond over time.

The indoor adhesive paper is developed using new technology, which has the characteristics of a delicate matte surface and can effectively repel water.Not only suitable for dye inks, but also can perfectly display the color of pigment inks, and can also be stored outdoors for a short time.

PVC flex banners based on oil-based inks have long-term durability outdoors.It is mainly coated banner, which has strong coating waterproofing and tensile resistance.

Advertising banner applications

why the color of inkjet printing becomes lighter

The reason for the lightening of colors during inkjet printing is often encountered by those who have been engaged in inkjet production for a long time: sometimes during the printing process, there are some small problems that require cleaning the print head.

After cleaning the print head and continuing the printing process, it is found that the color has unexpectedly lightened. This phenomenon is particularly evident when printing pure colors (duotones), as experienced by our Beijing inkjet printing company. So what exactly causes this?

This situation occurs more frequently on devices with four colors arranged vertically and relatively low ink volume. Therefore, the reason can be traced back to the structure of such equipment.

Ink generally tends to evaporate and dry out after a short period. If the cleaning of the print head takes a long time, this situation may occur: the ink that has already been sprayed has penetrated the print medium and dried over time. As a result, it becomes difficult for the new ink sprayed to blend with the dried ink, resulting in a band of lighter color.

Once the cause is identified, corresponding measures can be taken, mainly to prevent the ink from drying out.

The best approach is to check the print head in advance and perform cleaning if necessary, which can minimize the need to clean the print head during the printing process. Additionally, maintaining a higher indoor humidity can slow down the evaporation rate of the ink.

If it is necessary to clean the print head during the printing process, it should be done as quickly as possible, or several print heads should be cleaned separately to avoid color discrepancies.

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