One Way Vision’s material to application is fully analyzed

One Way Vision, also known as Perforated window film or Perforated viny, is a glass advertising material made of black and white PVC laminated with pressure-sensitive adhesive and release paper. It is suitable for posting on the glass surface of shop windows, glass doors and windows, glass curtain walls or vehicles, which can not only effectively block the sun, but also have a good advertising effect.

one way vision rolls

One Way Vision is black on the back and white on the front for printing ads.

One Way Vision Features:

  • Good light transmittance: Compared with other advertising materials, the light transmittance of a single transparent sticker can be as high as 50%, which will hardly affect people to look out of the window through a single transparent sticker.

Distant view from outside the car

In-car effects

  • Protect privacy: Only one side of the single transparent paste is the feature of seeing the outside picture, which can have the effect of protecting privacy. At the same time, the shading position will not affect the lighting.
From the outside

From the outside

The effect is not afraid of wind, sun, rain, and rain

Look inside and outside

Looking from the inside doesn't affect the view from the outside

effect from a distance outside

effect from a distance outside

Beautiful, light transmitted, heat insulation, sunscreen, waterproof, high-definition, no fading!

A close-up look indoors

A close-up look indoors

the wind and the sun are not afraid of the rain

TOME's One Way Vision:

  • Film:120micron,140micron
  • Adhesive:permanent,removable/transparent,black
  • Release paper:120gs/140g micron
  • Transmittance:30%
  • width: 1.07/1.27/1.37/1.52M
  • Length: 50M/100M

Application of One Way Vision

  • Outdoor glass curtain wall: For large office buildings, shopping malls and other outdoor glass curtain walls, you can see advertising pictures pasted on the inside of the glass to display outward.
  • Bus shelters along outdoor transportation: Glass curtain walls can be found at bus stops, exhibition centers, phone booths, conference centers, and outdoors.
  • Public transportation: advertisements on the rear windows of buses, taxis, business cars, freight vehicles, subways, etc.
  • Commercial windows: glass windows in fast food restaurants, chain restaurants, gas stations, department stores, supermarkets, banks, lounges, hotels, motels, small retail stores, etc.
  • Indoor space: The office area is divided to beautify the office environment and give people a visual impact, and the conference room glass can isolate the peeps of outsiders into the conference room.
Application of One Way Vision

One Way Vision printing needs to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Applicable printing methods: common inkjet machines are applicable, including inkjet printing, electrostatic printing, thermal transfer printing and cold transfer printing.
  2. Installation: At room temperature outdoors, make sure the contact surface is clean, spray soapy water on the back when pasting, and wipe with a damp foam cloth or industrial paper to ensure a complete fit. 
  3. Adapt to the environment: suitable for the normal natural environment.
  4. Maintenance and cleaning: You can rinse with water or scrub with a soft cloth

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