Clear removable one way vision

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Clear removable one way vision (Vinil Microperforado)

One Way Vision Vinyl: Perforated film with removable adhesive, white print face, and black adhesive side for glass surfaces. Offers one-way vision for graphics on one side while maintaining see-through visibility from the other side. Ideal for windows, doors, and vehicle windows with slight curves.


Clear removable one way vision (Vinil Microperforado)

Clear removable one way vision (Vinil Microperforado)

Product Info

Face Film

140um/180um White, weather-resistant


Clear, Removable


140g Single PE-coated Silicone Paper



Ink Compatibility

Eco-solvent, Solvent

Data Sheet:



One Way Vinyl: Ensures privacy with a unique visual effect, allowing one-way visibility. Features weather-resistant face film for long-lasting performance and 30% transmittance, providing a well-lit interior while preserving privacy.


To achieve the best results, it’s essential to follow the instructions for preparation and application.


One Way Vision products are designed for flat, transparent surfaces like windows, glass, and various locations such as storefronts, architectural glass, vehicles, and public spaces for impactful advertising displays.

Storage and Processing Conditions

Store TOME’s self-adhesive products in rolls upright with end caps or suspended on roll blocks. Avoid laying them without end caps. Keep them in a cool, dry place shielded from sunlight. Maintain relative humidity between 40%-50% and a temperature of +18°C to +22°C. Prevent exposure to direct sunlight or proximity to heat sources like radiators.

One Way vinyl Storage and Processing Conditions
one way vinyl Drying up

Instructions for Printing

Handle the product with care, using cotton gloves to prevent surface damage or soiling. Before printing or applying, check the surface quality and the print file with profiling. Due to varying qualities like adhesive layer thickness, adjust printer and software (RIP) parameters accordingly for TOME products. Consider ink quantity and specific color definitions for optimal results.

Drying up

After printing, allow freshly printed films to dry for at least 24 hours (lying or hanging) to enable solvent evaporation and prevent vinyl shrinkage during plotting. Laminating too early, depending on the ink used, may impact film functionality. Ensure proper drying to maintain adhesive power and service life by allowing residual solvents to evaporate.
One Way vinyl printing

When Applied

Before applying the vinyl, clean the glass surface thoroughly to remove dirt, dust, or grease. For full-bleed dark color graphics, dry application is recommended (avoid wet application). This product is designed for glass surfaces only and should not be applied to non-glass surfaces like gaskets or seals to prevent issues such as edge curling. Follow these instructions carefully for optimal application.

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