One way vision

One way vision

One-way vision has many advantages in the advertising market. Made of PVC vinyl substrate, a PVC coating material that is stretch resistant; our products ensure excellent ink adhesion and color reproduction, which allows for long-lasting and bright printing. A strong tensile strength to prevent its deformation and fracture. On the one hand, it provides amazing graphics; on the other hand, it provides clear and unobstructed vision through glass. It can maintain 30% transmittance and colorful picture performance.

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Clear permanent one way vision

Clear removable one way vision

Product Application

Automotive Advertising Application

Automotive Advertising Application

Glass store advertising application

Glass store advertising application

Shopping advertising application

Glass sign applications

Window glass advertising application

Window advertising application

Window advertising application

  • We have 120g and 140g options for you to choose from. We have 1.07/1.27/1.37/1.52*50m in sizes, and we also support size customization. Everything is subject to customer needs.

  • Our one-way vision consists of a smooth snow-white surface and an opaque black back.

  • The consistency of the perforated vinyl material can achieve image quality and more accurate color in digital printing.

  • The round holes have regularity and the distance between the holes is just right, which will make the printed patterns have a very good effect and make the window graphics more beautiful.

  • Our glue is imported, the quality is very good, there is no peculiar smell, the stickiness is good, the most important point is that there will be no glue residue after removal.

  • The vinyl film has the feature of excellent weather resistance, this feature makes the perforated vinyl film suitable for various harsh environments worldwide.

  • Full Window Wrap:

    You’d better select a window film with relatively low transparency so as to extend the print area. Add as much detail as possible to the graphics to achieve the eye-catching effect.

  • Hanging Graphics:

    Usually, it is not advised to use black one-way vision sticker, as less light is reflected and the view inside can be blocked. But a black surround is beneficial to the “floating graphic” effect. Extra attention will be fixed to the conspicuous and dominant images you choose. 

  • Contour Cut Graphics:

    Contour cut design relies on the partially covering of the irregular shape, with reduced disruption caused by see-through graphics. It is widely used in advertising posters as the irregular shape tends to maintain clear sight lines and attract more attention.

GUANGDONG TOME AD MEDIA LTD. Is the premium one way vision sticker suppliers that are famous for providing the best one way vision stickers that are made up of the material that is best in the terms of quality as these stickers portray a high-quality image that no other vision sticker does this is because our experienced professional experts and continuous hard work that today we are at the top when it is about quality assurance and reliability. We are a brand that not only satisfies by offering good quality but we also offer our customers two different types of one way vision stickers that are ideal based on their applications, offering a choice to the users allows them to choose the best one according to their requirement. Moreover, our list of quality does not limit here as we offer the lowest wholesale rates for these premium quality vision stickers not only in case of bulk orders but also for low MOQs as well.

We are the leading one way vision sticker suppliers that offer the best quality of these one way vision stickers that are made up of premium quality material. Our vision stickers are so good in terms of quality that they offer a high quality image even from a significant distance and the glue used is highly adhesive. Being manufacturers of outstanding quality, our products are designed and manufactured under the supervision of expert professionals that not only ensure that the material used is of premium quality but also ensure that the quality is maintained throughout the manufacturing process.

Our list of qualities does not finish here as we surprise our customers in the terms of prices as well as we offer the lowest prices as well. along with outstanding quality and variety, we also offer our customers the lowest factory rates that are not only for bulk orders but also ensure the same low rates even for the low MOQs as well.

EJET Vinyl not only offers its users quality assurance but we are the company that also ensures the satisfaction of customers in various other ways as well as we also offer them the types of one way vision stickers that are commonly seen to be used in the market. Thus, by being a one stop solution for your needforf vision stickers we ensure the convenience of our customers.

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