Notes On Car Vinyl Sticker Design

Notes On Car Vinyl Sticker Design

In the design of the time, it is best to grasp the exact size, when making drawings, to set aside the windows, wheels (if it is a full-body car vinyl stickers, but also pay attention to the location of the car headlights, rear taillights), these locations can not have the presence of the pattern.

Also pay attention to the gap between the car door and the car door. In the design of the text is best to separate these gaps, because when pasting the car vinyl sticker, the staff is to follow the seam cut.

If the customer requires the car window design, it is recommended to use the mesh sticker. Mesh stickers also have the effect of sun protection, and light transmission, used in the car windows listed a very good choice

Before the vinyl sticker, it is best to use a rag to clean up the dust on the car. In the paste, first than a good position, from one side to the other side paste, and use a rag to press away the air to prevent blistering. It should also be noted that the car sticker should be chosen in a cool place to paste, preferably not in the sun, otherwise, the vinyl sticker will be much less sticky and easy to fall off. Also do not paste in windy weather, will paste bad !

The general choice of car sticker is self-adhesive vinyl stickers, and there is no need to cover the film.

Car vinyl stickers are generally composed of vector graphics, vector graphics software is basically car sticker design software, usually with AI, DW, there is also the design of the Ventura and PS. AI software is dedicated to vector graphics processing, the advantage is simple to operate, if there is a PS with skilled people can be very good to get started, because the button function inside the basically the same.

Because the car vinyl sticker is limited by its car outline, most car stickers are dominated by rectangular patterns, square patterns need to add other elements to match. The best is the theme is distinct and prominent, the theme is clear, otherwise the car sticker composition will feel very awkward.

General models, you can paste the car vinyl stickers roughly for both sides of the body, car cover, trunk and other places, mainly to both sides of the body, first to define its side of the pattern, and then with the car cover or trunk pattern. Side pattern generally put the pattern center of gravity against the rear door is more appropriate, so that the car feels more stable and more coordinated. Of course, excluding that large area pattern, such as flame pattern, the front part of the body will be relatively heavy.

The car vinyl sticker construction is convenient, some of design is very good, but can not be installed on, it is useless, such as the door handle part try to get out of the way, if you really can not let see, then you can try to cut off the door handle part, see if it will affect the overall effect of the car sticker.

The car vinyl sticker process must also be considered, there are many car vinyl stickers look very good, can not be processed out, now the car vinyl sticker process can generally be divided into carving class and painting class

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