Clear Adhesive Vinyl Product Guide – Maintenance and Usage Recommendations

TOME’s Transparent Adhesive Vinyl material is a high quality material, to ensure its optimal performance and long life, here are some recommended maintenance and usage methods:
adhesive vinyl Storage Conditions

Storage Conditions

To ensure optimal performance of the product, store it in its original packaging, placed horizontally, shielded from direct sunlight and heat sources. The recommended storage temperature and humidity are 15°C (59℉) to 35°C (95℉), and 20-65% RH, respectively

Surface Preparation

Clean the surface of the glass before applying the film. Any grease, oils, dirt or contaminants would be removed. Also, glass surface may have a wax or other substance that can interfere with proper adhesion. Use a mild abrasive cleaner to remove the coating if necessary. The glass surface should be at least 60° and not in direct sunlight if possible. Direct sunlight or too high of a temperature may cause the adhesive to stick before air bubbles are removed.
clear adhesive vinyl applying


Although Ultra Clear Film is suitable for both dry and wet application, we recommend dry application as it minimizes water residue, preserving the natural look of graphics on glass surface.

Lift the film up and place the adhesive side against the clean surface of the window. Position the film in its final location, when with light pressure and the squeegee, smooth out any wrinkles or bubble using overlapping strokes from the center of the edge.

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