Laser Self Adhesive Vinyl: Interpreting the 6 Key Features

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Laser Self Adhesive Vinyl (EJET® EV3200 series) is a cutting-edge product featuring a laser PVC face film and permanent adhesive, designed for diverse applications. Specifically engineered for outdoor conditions, it boasts enhanced durability, UV resistance, and abrasion resistance. Its versatility makes it ideal for public transit, rail transportation, commercial and retail architecture, and exhibition events.
Laser Self Adhesive Vinyl
Laser Self Adhesive Vinyl
Laser Self Adhesive Vinyl (EJET® EV3200 series)
Laser Self Adhesive Vinyl (EJET® EV3200 series)

6 Key Features:

  1. Stunning Visual Effect: The EJET® EV3200 series, with its laser PVC face film, delivers an eye-catching visual impact.
  2. Endurance in Outdoor Environments: Surpassing standard advertising-grade materials, it excels in wear resistance and UV protection, making it perfect for automotive exterior decoration.
  3. High Glue High Tack: Exceeding industry standards.
  4. Maintains Brightness: 60GU-70GU for glossy and 0GU-15GU for matte surfaces.
  5. Low Film Shrinkage Rate: Ensuring high printing color reproduction.
  6. Highly Resistant to Solvent Ink Aggression During Printing.
Laser Self Adhesive Vinyl Printting effect


The Laser Vinyl Sticker series is a PVC product adapted to outdoor conditions, usually used in bus systems, subway systems, supermarket scenes, advertising signs, and other fields.
Laser Self Adhesive Vinyl APPLICATION
Laser Self Adhesive Vinyl APPLICATION

Laser Self Adhesive Vinyl (EJET® EV3200 series) - Data Sheet:

Item name

140G Liner Paper

PVC Film

100 Micro Laser Pvc Film

Release paper


Glue thickness


Glue color

White Glue

Glue type

Semi removable/solvent glue




Strength export carton

Ink type

Solvent & Ecosolvent Print

Outdoor durability

1 year

Standard size

1.27*50m /1.52*50m

Technical Specification:

Test Item

Test Result

Test Method

Thickness with adhesive (Micron)



Tensile Strength MD (Mpa)



Tensile Strength CD (Mpa)



Elongation at Break MD (%)



Elongation at Break CD (%)



Shrink (mm)

≤ 0.6mm

70C*48hrs Aluminum plate

Initial Adhesive (N/25mm)

≥ 6.5(650g)


20min Peel Strength (N/25mm)

≥ 8 (800g)

PSTC-1 180°, Stainless Steel

24hrs Peel Strength (N/25mm)

≥ 9 (900g)

PSTC-1 180°, Stainless Steel

Release Force (g/25mm)


180°, 300mm/min

*The above data is obtained based on our testing conditions and is for reference only. It does not carry any warranty. For specific warranty terms and details, please contact TOME sale team.

Storage Conditions:

Store the product horizontally in its original packaging, shielded from direct sunlight and heat.
Recommended temperature: 15°C to 35°C (59°F to 95°F) and humidity: 20-65% RH.
Laser Self Adhesive Vinyl Storage Conditions
Laser Self Adhesive Vinyl Storage Conditions


  • Ensure thorough drying and venting after printing to maintain product performance.
  • Leave the material in the printing environment for over 24 hours for optimal results.
  • Properly adjust the heating curve during printing for better color reproduction.
  • Surfaces must be clean and free from contaminants for optimal adhesion.

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