Introduction to the Classification of Vehicle Car Wraps

Radiation-proof vehicle car wraps can be divided into three types: dyed film, metal film, and magnetron sputtering film. To facilitate understanding, we can further divide the types of vehicle car wraps.

Dyed vehicle car wraps

The process is relatively simple, dyeing a layer of color on the adhesive layer of the vehicle car wraps, which has no thermal insulation performance and has little effect on protecting the privacy of the car interior. Dyed film is prone to fading, resulting in poor light transmission, and is cheap.

Ordinary metal vehicle car wraps

It refers to spraying metal on the colorless original film layer, generally using metals such as aluminum and iron. This film is generally produced in China, India, Japan, the United States, and so on. This kind of metal film is the most common on the market. The film composition (usually the metal is heated and evaporated and plated on the film substrate), but the transparency of this film is generally average, and the thermal insulation is also average, but the price is not low. Many beauty shops often use this kind of film to pretend to be top-quality films. Many well-known brands are just this kind of ordinary metal film, but because they entered the market earlier, consumers also mistakenly believe that this kind of film is high-end vehicle car wraps.

Nano-ceramic vehicle car wraps

It is based on nano-titanium nitride and produced by the combination of magnetron sputtering technology and metal nitriding technology. It is durable, not easy to corrode, and does not interfere with electromagnetic signals. The production capacity is not limited to the United States, Japan, or China. The latest ceramic film is the Amber Optical Nano Ceramic Thermal Insulation Film.

Precious metal vehicle car wraps

As the name suggests, this kind of vehicle car wrap is also sprayed with metal on the colorless original film layer, but what is sprayed is precious metals such as chromium, titanium, and platinum. In addition, the spraying method of this film is “magnetron sputtering.” This is a complex process. The characteristic of this film is natural color, good light transmission, and good thermal insulation.

Magnetron sputtering vehicle car wraps

Multi-layer polyester film technology. This is another technological trend in high-end film. Through multi-layer extrusion technology, 240 layers of polyester film are stacked together to make a thermal insulation film that is only 0.05mm thick, with high visible light transmittance, good thermal insulation, long service life, and no electromagnetic signal interference.

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