Introduction to the Advantages of the Use Range of Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheets

There are always many new inventions in life, but not all of these inventions can be fully applied to people’s lives. However, since the heat transfer film was launched on the market, its utilization rate has been continuously increasing. If you carefully observe the products around you, you will find that there are heat transfer vinyl sheets as small as a water cup and as large as furniture. So, why can heat transfer vinyl sheets be favored by the consumer market? As a decorative product, what unique advantages does it have?

1. The nature and process characteristics of heat transfer vinyl sheets

Heat transfer vinyl sheet is an essential material in the thermal transfer process. This process requires one-time heating and pressing of the heat transfer vinyl sheet to transfer the pattern on the thermal transfer to the surface of the decorative object.

During the whole process of thermal transfer printing, the protective layer and pattern layer are peeled off from the polyester sheet by the combination of pressure and heat effect, so that the entire pattern of hot melt adhesive is perfectly glued to the ironing object. The surface of the hot-melt printing film is composed of a base color layer, a protective layer, a release layer, and a hot-melt adhesive layer.

Finally, the generated temperature and the pressure of the machine are applied to the transfer foil by heating, so that the transfer layer formed by the surface protection layer, the decorative wood grain printing layer, and the base color layer are separated from the polyethylene, and transferred to the surface of the wood-based panel or the parts to be hot-stamped to form a pattern on the decorative surface. This surface has excellent properties such as heat resistance, wear resistance, light resistance, etc., with stable color tone and beautiful pattern, which is also widely used in the market.

2. The advantages of heat transfer vinyl sheets

As people’s aesthetic requirements continue to increase, the products produced by businesses pay more attention to appearance. Therefore, it can be said that the heat transfer vinyl sheet, a product that can transfer patterns to objects, appears at the right time. Moreover, merchants can arbitrarily choose the ever-changing patterns on the heat transfer vinyl sheet. The pattern on the heat transfer vinyl sheet has many layers and bright colors. As long as the designer can design the pattern, it can be well presented on the heat transfer vinyl sheet.

It is not the only way to have patterns on items, but another key point for the success of heat transfer vinyl sheets is its ability to be mass-produced. Only products that can be mass-produced can be affirmed by the market. After all, products that cannot be mass-produced can only be loved by a few people.

Not only that but the heat transfer vinyl sheet can also be combined with the items seamlessly. This not only increases the beauty but also provides a guarantee for people’s quality of life. We believe that with these advantages, heat transfer vinyl sheets will play a more important role in people’s lives.

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