4 Key Principles to Identify High-Quality Printer Ink !

The presentation of advertising visuals relies heavily on high-quality printing, which, in turn, depends on the use of suitable ink. Today, let’s share four key principles for selecting ink when using UV equipment.

Principle of Printhead Compatibility

The different types of printheads determine the ink compatibility. Even within the same brand, different series of printheads require different UV inks.

Principle of Material Characteristics

The types of materials used by the user’s products determine the type of UV ink to be used, mainly divided into flexible UV ink and rigid UV ink.

Flexible UV ink is widely used for printing on flexible materials, ensuring that the printed patterns do not crack or stretch when folded. Examples include soft film, PVC fabric, knife-coated fabric, canvas, translucent stickers, and leather.

Types of flexible UV ink include wallpaper UV ink, soft film UV ink, leather UV ink, car sticker UV ink, and lightbox film UV ink.

Rigid UV ink is typically used for printing on rigid materials, providing glossy finishes, high color saturation, excellent color reproduction, and strong three-dimensional effects. Examples of materials include KT board, PVC board, acrylic, glass, ceramic tiles, and metal.

Types of rigid UV ink include ceramic tile UV ink, glass UV ink, acrylic UV ink, phone case UV ink, and metal UV ink.

Printable Banner Roll Material

Principle of Ink Performance

Some products require UV ink with special customization, emphasizing outdoor weather resistance, environmental friendliness, heat resistance, and additional features such as no peeling or dissolution after other processing techniques.

Application scenarios of banner rolls

Principle of After-Sales Service

Typically, users of UV printers use UV inks provided by the manufacturer and enjoy corresponding warranty services. However, if individuals replace UV inks or cleaning fluids without authorization, it may lead to issues such as printhead clogging or damage to the ink system, which are not covered by the warranty.

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