How to Remove One-way Vision from Glass?

one way vision stickers

There are Many Ways to Quickly Tear Off One Way Vision:

1) Fengyoujing removal method: Apply Fengyoujing on One Way Vision, wait for a moment for it to penetrate, and then wipe it hard with a dry cloth, and the sticker will fall off without leaving any traces. If you don’t have Fengyoujing, you can use toothpaste instead, but the effect may be slightly inferior.

2) Hot towel removal method: First cover the one way vision with a hot towel. After it is soaked, the sticker can be easily removed.

3) Hydrogen peroxide removal method: Hydrogen peroxide can soften hardened adhesive. Use a towel dipped in hydrogen peroxide, wipe the one way vision, wipe it several times, and then take it off after a minute or so.

4) Alcohol removal method: Similar to the hydrogen peroxide method, use a towel dipped in a small amount of alcohol to wipe it repeatedly on the one way vision, but do not spray it directly on the glass to avoid damaging the glass.

5) There are sticker removers on the market, which are the most thorough and professional solution for super stubborn stickers.

Expanded information:

what is one-way vision?

One-way vision, also known as One-way perforated film or “Perforated window film, is a high-quality advertising material composed of black and white PVC laminated with pressure-sensitive adhesive and release paper.

It is suitable for being posted on the glass surface of shop windows, glass doors and windows, glass curtain walls or vehicles. It can not only block sunlight, but also serve as a carrier for advertising.

Types include:

One-way vision (small hole): the perspective rate is about 30%, the perspective effect is poor, but the advertising picture is clear, suitable for posting on glass surfaces with low requirements, such as shop windows, building exterior glass, etc.

One-way vision (large hole): The perspective rate is 48%~50%, with high perspective effect and good safety. It is suitable for transportation and glass surfaces that require higher perspective effect, such as buses, taxis, etc.

Screen printing One-way vision: The perspective is adjustable and the cost is low, but the production process is cumbersome. The see-through effect depends on the production process and quality, and the posting period is short.


Since the small holes of One-way vision are easy to absorb water and dust, on rainy days the holes will affect the driver’s vision after absorbing water. It is recommended to put a protective film on one side to improve driving safety.

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