How to Remove Advertising Stickers from Your Car? What to Do with Residual Adhesive from Car Sticker Advertising?

Because of its trendy, innovative, down-to-earth, and other characteristics, vehicle advertising is recognized by many people and has become a landscape in the city. However, some car owners say that they do not want to use vehicle advertising due to various reasons. How to remove the advertising stickers on the car? What should I do with the adhesive residue on the car advertising sticker? Let’s talk about it in detail.

How to remove advertising stickers on cars?

  • Car owners can use a hair dryer set to hot air mode and blow the advertising sticker for a few minutes until the adhesive on the back of the advertising sticker softens. Then they can tear off the advertising sticker from the vehicle.

  • Car owners can also try using a clean towel dipped in some oil to wipe the surface of the advertising sticker, evenly spread the oil on the sticker, and wait for five minutes to directly tear off the advertising sticker.

  • Spray a special adhesive remover on the surface of the advertising sticker, and then directly tear off the sticker. However, be careful when using it on the glass with sunscreen film.

What should I do with the adhesive residue on the car advertising sticker?

If car owners leave adhesive residue when tearing off the advertising sticker on the vehicle, they can try the following methods:

  • Dip a clean towel with some alcohol and wipe the residue to remove it.

  • Use some tar cleaning agents, and car owners must wear cleaning gloves to avoid being corroded by the cleaning agents.

Introduction to the material of vehicle advertising stickers

  • The vehicle advertising sticker uses PVC film processed with high molecular weight auxiliary agents, which has good stretchability and weather resistance. When pasting the advertising picture on the vehicle body, especially on the arched front engine cover of the van advertisement, it is not easy to curl and has strong extensibility and adhesion. The picture will not be torn.

  • Using high-end solvent-based glue, through excellent coating technology, the glue will not overflow, come off, or leave any residue, thus ensuring the long-term stability of product quality. Its biggest characteristic is that if the vehicle advertising is not used anymore after one or two years when tearing off the picture, no black glue will fall off, protecting the car paint. Therefore, it is important to choose a good vehicle sticker, otherwise, the low-quality sticker will stick to the vehicle body and cannot be torn off.

  • Using special processing technology, the ink adhesion and picture performance are stronger during printing, using ultra-high precision six-color printing mode, the particles are full, the picture is bright, and the colors are more vivid. The vehicle advertising picture is more realistic.

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