How to Distinguish the Genuine and Fake Vehicle Car Wraps?

Tips for preventing fake vehicle car wrap

Before inexperienced car owners make a purchase, they can ask the seller for a quality assurance card for the vehicle car wrap, which is usually guaranteed for 5 to 8 years. If there is none, be careful. Moreover, regular brand vehicle car wraps have anti-counterfeiting watermarks, and you should pay attention to them. If conditions permit, you can also take a small piece of vehicle car wrap, tear off the transparent layer, smell it, and fake film usually has a stimulating smell, while real film doesn’t. These small ideas can be summarized as “One see, two smell”: check the quality assurance card and watermark, and smell the film.

Transparency and color of vehicle car wrap

Transparency refers to the transparency of seeing outside the car through the window from inside. Quality vehicle car wraps have high transparency! Fake vehicle car wraps usually do not meet the standard transparency, and the view from inside to outside is hazy and blurry after being applied, which greatly endangers safety. Therefore, a special reminder: high-quality vehicle car wrap has high transparency! Don’t choose those with poor transparency.

Another common mistake about vehicle car wrap color. Some vehicle car wraps are darker in color. To prevent being cheated, you can ask for a small piece of vehicle car wrap for inspection. Use nails or keys to scratch the torn film back and forth. If the color falls off, it is a fake film. Because the real film has an anti-scratch layer that is not easy to fall off, while the fake film does not. In addition, most car owners have a misunderstanding about the color of the vehicle car wrap: the darker the color, the better. The fact is that the color of vehicle car wrap has nothing to do with quality.

On-site test of heat insulation performance of film

There is usually a lightbox simulating the car compartment environment in the film shop, and the vehicle car wrap is placed near the light box, and the sensation of heat insulation is felt through the film. You can also face the sun or tungsten lamp with the vehicle car wrap and feel how well it insulates heat with your hand.

You must choose a professional store

Some car owners go to non-professional small stores for film pasting due to greed or convenience. Such repair shops usually carry out film-pasting operations outdoors, which can be judged as unprofessional from this point of view alone. Because the film pasting process should avoid the environment with more dust and is usually carried out in a relatively closed environment. Therefore, it is recommended that you go to a repair store with a professional closed workshop for film pasting. In addition, during the film pasting process, the whole film is pasted as a whole, because when the windshield glass is broken, the whole vehicle car wrap can play its explosion-proof property, firmly sticking the broken glass without causing glass debris to splash and injure people. If the film-pasting staff cuts the whole vehicle car wrap into pieces for pasting, it means that the store you choose is unprofessional.

Four methods to distinguish vehicle car wrap

  • Check the color. Generally, explosion-proof films use colors that are pleasing to the eyes, such as light green, sky blue, gray, brown, natural color, etc. The color of the explosion-proof film is even and soft, without wave-like color difference, and the view outside the car looks natural without color deviation from inside. Ordinary color films directly blend the color into the adhesive film. After tearing off the upper plastic film, and sticking the surface hard, the color will fall off. In addition, if you wipe the ordinary color film gently on the ground, it will fade.

  • Smell the odor. In the residual solvent of inferior film layers, the benzene content is high and there will be a peculiar smell, while good vehicle car wrap has undergone professional treatment before leaving the factory, and the peculiar smell is relatively small. Experts warn that smelling this peculiar smell for a long time can seriously affect the car owner’s health.

  • Ask about the indicators. The so-called explosion-proof film must have thermal insulation, explosion-proof, and anti-ultraviolet effects. Therefore, when choosing, consumers can consult the sales staff for details to distinguish the authenticity and quality.

  • Feel with your hands. The thickness of general safety explosion-proof film is not less than 1.5mil, so the hand feeling is thick and smooth. In addition, because its surface has been hardened, it generally does not scratch easily. Ordinary color film has insufficient thickness, a thin and brittle feel. In the process of shaking the glass, scratches will be left on the film.

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