How to Choose Auto Car Wrap?

  • Consider the film’s light transmittance rate. According to standards, the film’s light transmittance rate should be over 70%, and the higher the better.
  • Select the film based on its heat insulation performance. The heat insulation rate of high-quality film should fall between 45% and 65%. Better heat insulation can prevent the car’s interior from getting too hot.
  • Select the film based on its UV resistance rate. Prolonged exposure to a large amount of UV rays can burn the skin and accelerate the ageing of car interiors and dashboards. UV resistance rate is thus an important consideration when choosing car film.
  • Consider the heat-insulation materials and techniques. Car films can be divided into six categories: dyed film, coated print wax, common metal film, nano ceramic film, precious metal film and sputtering film. Nano ceramic film and sputtering film are excellent choices.
  • Consider the shelf-life of the film. The quality of car film can be judged by its shelf-life, as time may lead to issues such as air bubbles or color fading.

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