How to Apply and Steps for Automotive Window Tinting

How to stick vehicle wraps on a car

The steps of applying vehicle wraps on a car include cleaning the car window, cutting the vehicle wraps, shaping the vehicle wraps, pasting the vehicle wraps and quality checking. Here are the specific methods:

  • Clean the car window. This is the most important step in vehicle wraps application, and the cleanliness of the glass directly affects the subsequent work. Therefore, clean the glass and the edges with clean water, and repeat the cleaning to ensure cleanliness. Then use a scraper to dry the glass from the dry side to the wet side in a top-down order, and use a cloth to wipe the edges dry.

  • Cut the vehicle wraps. Cut the vehicle wraps according to the actual size of the glass. Prepare the glass template in advance, and cut the vehicle wraps according to the template.

  • Shape the vehicle wraps. After cutting the vehicle wraps, cover it on the outside of the glass and use a heat gun to shape the vehicle wrap at the required parts. At the same time, use a scraper to put the vehicle wrap tightly on the glass.

  • Paste the vehicle wrap. After shaping the vehicle wrap, paste it on the inside of the glass. Tear off the vehicle wrap pad, and when the pad is completely removed, stick the vehicle wrap on the glass. Adjust the length left and right so that it does not touch the frame. Spray water on the back of the vehicle wraps, squeegee out the water from the top to the bottom and from the center to the edge, and finally wipe it dry with a towel.

  • Quality check. Check whether it is firmly pasted, whether there are air bubbles between the vehicle wraps and the glass, etc.

Precautions for vehicle wraps application

  • Avoid raising and lowering the car window within three days after applying the vehicle wraps on the car.

  • Do not wash the car for three days.

  • Within three days after application, vehicles with sunroofs should not open the sunroof while driving, especially when driving at high speeds.

  • After applying the vehicle wraps in winter, it is recommended not to raise or lower the car window or wash the car within a week. It takes about a month for the front and rear windows to dry completely.

  • If there are bubbles on the edge of the vehicle wraps, repair them at the construction site within 24 hours. If the time exceeds the limit, the glue around the bubble has already dried and the vehicle wraps cannot be moved, causing creases when processing.

  • Do not use strong adhesive labels directly on the vehicle wraps within one month after the vehicle wrap is applied, to avoid partial detachment of the vehicle wraps from the glass.

  • Understand the vehicle inspection policies of various cities when applying vehicle wraps. In some cities, if the visible light transmittance of the front window and the glass outside the front window used for the driver’s viewing area does not reach 70%, it will not pass the annual inspection. When applying car vehicle wraps, do not cover the triangular area on the front window, otherwise it will affect the normal annual inspection.

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