Four Things You Need to Know About Auto Car Wrap

With the popularization of the automobile industry, the number of private cars is increasing year by year, and people’s aesthetic trend is changing with each passing day. People’s attention to the automobile modification industry is gradually expanding. Especially the car color wrap.

Then, what are the hard products in the industry of car color wrap that are worth learning and collecting?

What is the material of car color wrap? 

The material of car color wrap is made of polyvinyl chloride PVC material. This material is generally used in the advertising industry or as stickers. Later, it was used as a color-changing film for automobiles.

How many layers of materials are automotive car wraps made of? 

There are 4 layers in total, including the coating layer, fabric layer, glue layer, and backing paper.

Will the car skin wrap fade? 

The material structure of polymer automobile wrap is divided into a UV-proof layer (this kind of material can effectively avoid fast fading) and a PVC elastic memory layer (generally, this kind of material can recover when it is scratched or heated to a certain extent). However, other auto car wraps without such materials tend to wear out too quickly and shorten their life. Therefore, generally speaking, it is recommended to choose a better quality auto car wrap, which has a longer service life and better protection for the automobile body.

How to test the quality of auto car wrap?

Heating and stretching by a hot air gun. Stretch to a certain extent and stick the auto car wrap to the body. This is the technology of auto car wrap mounting. Meanwhile, the quality of the auto car wrap can be detected. If the film is abnormally stretched, it often indicates that the quality of the car color wrap is inferior. It is recommended to find out and solve it as soon as possible. Once the inferior film is attached to the car body, it will be a painful scene to find the problem and then tear off the film.

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