How to fix cracks and curling in winter adhesive vinyl roll?

As winter sets in, the plummeting temperatures across most regions of the country bring concerns for advertisers as well. Cold air can lead to various issues with advertising materials and images. So, how can we prevent these problems during the chilly winter months?

Issues and Solutions for Advertising Images:

1.Glass Fogging or Shattering:

During winter, glass films often fog up during installation or may shatter in colder climates.

Solution: Opt for high-quality glass films known for their cold resistance. Choosing recently manufactured materials with superior durability is key to avoiding these problems.

Glass Fogging or Shattering

2.Adhesive Vinyl Products Losing Adhesion or Curling:

Adhesive vinyl products like film prints often struggle to adhere or curl when installed in temperatures below freezing.

Solution: Use a heat gun to seal edges after applying adhesive vinyl products. This helps ensure better adhesion and prevents curling issues.

Adhesive Vinyl Products Losing Adhesion or Curling

3.Soft Film Fragility:

Soft films should not be left outdoors during winter as they become fragile and prone to breakage upon impact.

Solution: Before installation, ensure soft films are acclimatized to temperatures above 15°C. UV soft films, especially those with darker ink thickness, should be unpacked and installed only when at room temperature. Pre-heating the film before installation minimizes unnecessary damage.

4.Cracking of Advertising Images:

Winter conditions may cause advertising images to crack, typically due to sudden temperature drops and various material factors such as canvas and ink quality.

Solution: Initially, address cracks and separations with a hairdryer or heat gun to seal any fissures. However, to prevent such issues entirely, prioritize high-quality materials for canvases and inks to mitigate the risk of cracking and ensure durability.

By implementing these solutions and using suitable adhesive vinyl rolls, advertisers can maintain the integrity of their advertising images even during the winter season.

Cracking of Advertising Images

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