Do You Really Choose The Right Printing Material ?

In today’s advertising production, inkjet is the way that often uses, from outdoor advertising, and indoor photos to digital printing, and digital proofing, all use inkjet technology.

Self-adhesive vinyl (also called printing vinyl sticker) is a printing material compounded by a function layer, adhesive layer, and silicon paper. Because of its simple operation, vivid color, and convenient construction, self-adhesive vinyl is widely applied to outdoor advertisements such as mobile media ( such as cars and subway)and business posters, as well as used for decoration for fields, windows, and buildings.

With technical progress, the performance of printing is exquisite, achieving a genuine picture effect. Compared with photography, it shows a more natural and vivid image.

Self-adhesive vinyl generally has the following characteristics: First, PVC film has excellent ink absorption, which can ensure the best effect of the printing.  Second, self-adhesive vinyl with different glues, in order to guarantee the product can meet the different needs, on the other hand, use advanced production technology, so our products will not have the phenomenon of glue residue and degumming; Third is easy to use, Suitable scope is broad. But many people are in trouble with how to choose printing vinyl right, here we are going to talk about it!

The quality of the printing mainly depends on the ink and the printing material. Good ink can truly restore color and can show very good images. Of course, it is also very important to choose a suitable printing material. The poor quality of the printing material can not reflect the color very well, and can not achieve the desired advertising effect. For example, Improper selection of materials will seriously affect the image effect of the finished product. Generally, Roll banners and X displays will choose photo paper, and the picture will be bright and beautiful, with less use of fabric or vinyl stickers. Improper selection of material may even cause damage to the printing machine and printing head.

Because there are many kinds of self-adhesive vinyl, you should have a general understanding of its characteristics when choosing. The proper self-adhesive vinyl is very helpful to show the work picture. It has a high resolution, bright color, good weather ability and moisture resistance, and good help for prolonging the service life of the inkjet works. From many years of experience, the choice of self-adhesive vinyl needs to be considered from several angles.

The self-adhesive vinyl should be matched with the printing method. Generally speaking, the ink type can be divided into ECO-solvent, solvent type, UV, and LATEX.

From the printing effect to selecting the self-adhesive vinyl, it is necessary to consider the applicability of the PVC film. If there is a special requirement for color performance, it is recommended that materials with high color resolution will show a good performance for color reduction and stability of finished products.

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