What are the different types of PVC banners?

PVC banners can be divided into many types according to their characteristics, including Frontlit Banner, Backlit Banner, Coated Banner, blockout banner, Double Sided Banners, Mesh Banner.

1.blockout banner

The back of the blockout banner is black, which completely blocks the light source and keeps the front image from any interference. The front is white, with high color reproduction, and is not affected by the black bottom film. After printing with different inks and printing presses, the color of the picture is not easy to fade or darken.

  • Type: Blockout Banner/Gray back Banner
  • Feature: Opaque, single-sided printing.
  • Common specifications: 240~550GSM.
blockout banner rolls
Blockout Banner rolls

2.Double Sided Banners

Double Sided Banners are a type of double-sided printable banner material. It is white on both sides. In order to achieve a light-opaque effect, a light-blocking layer (black cloth) is sandwiched in the middle to ensure that the front and back of the printed screen do not affect each other. This material is suitable for large indoor advertisements such as hotels, airports, shopping malls, and venues.

TOME’s Double Sided Banners have a high flatness and a delicate surface, and do not curl and wrinkle after printing. Both sides have the ability to print the same advertising screen.

  • Features: Opaque, both sides can print the picture. It is often used for large-scale indoor advertisements with sufficient light sources.
  • Common specification: 440GSM.
double sided banner rolls
Double Sided Banners


PVC Flex Banner is a banner advertising material composed of two layers of PVC and one layer of high-strength mesh cloth, which is divided into two types: Frontlit Banner and Backlit Banner.

  • Frontlit Banner – for outdoor advertising; Common specifications: 240~550GSM.
  • Backlit Banner – suitable for long-term indoor, outdoor advertising; Common specifications: 440/510/550/610/650GSM

The main manufacturing process: Knife Coating Method, Calendering Method, Lamination Method.

TOME’s PVC Flex Banner adopts high-quality synthetic base material, resistant to stretching and deformation. The product is less prone to fading or discoloration even after prolonged indoor and outdoor use, adapting well to long-term outdoor use under various climatic conditions. It is compatible with mainstream inks such as solvent, mild solvent, UV, Latex, etc., ensuring high color reproduction of printed images.


  • Strong thickness and tensile strength;
  • Adapt to long-term outdoor use in different climates;
  • The service life is more than 3 years;
PVC banner rolls
Left: frontlit banner rolls; right: backlit banner rolls

4.Coated Banner

Coated Banner is divided into two types: Frontlit Banner and Backlit Banner. The mesh of Frontlit Banner is woven with high-strength fibers, while Backlit Banner has good light transmission and is able to evenly distribute light. Compared with ordinary pvc banners, Coated Banner has stronger anti-permeation, tensile resistance and peeling resistance. It is able to withstand harsh outdoor climatic conditions such as cold, freezing, and strong winds, while also withstanding severe temperature differences between day and night. At the same time, the product still maintains the basic characteristics of PVC flex banners with bright colors and soft touch. TOME has accumulated rich experience in the production of Coated Banners, and can provide customized services according to the needs of customers, including advanced flame retardant customization, environmentally friendly material customization and other personalized requirements.
  • Advanced flame retardant customization: according to different needs, we provide a variety of different flame retardant grade standards such as ordinary flame retardant, B2 grade, B1 grade, NFPA-701, etc.
  • Environmental protection customization: meet the requirements of different environmental protection level standards such as REACH, ROHS, 3P, 6P, etc.
  • Other customization: waterproof, cold-resistant, ultraviolet-resistant, mildew-proof and other special requirements can be provided.
  • Common specifications: 400/440/510GSM
coated banner rolls
Coated Banner rolls

5.Mesh Banner

Mesh Banner adopts the coating and scraping process, the polymer material is fused on the PET high-strength polyester fiber base cloth, it is lighter than Frontlit Banner, the printing effect is good, with tear resistance, good wind permeability and lighting, is the best choice for outdoor advertising.

Common specifications: 9*9/12*12/9*18

mesh banner rolls
mesh banner rolls

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