What is The Difference Between Frontlit and Blockout Banners?

What are Frontlit and Blackout Banners?

Flex Banner is divided into blockout Banners and frontlit banner.

Blockout Banners have a blue surface and are a type of PVC flex banner specially used to make advertising banners. Their light transmittance is higher than ordinary PVC flex banners, but they cannot be spliced because the gaps between the splicing will be clearly visible after lighting.

Frontlit banner has a yellow surface and has excellent light blocking ability. The frontlit banner dries quickly, can be printed on both sides, and can print different images. The frontlit banner has good ventilation, high strength and light weight, excellent inkjet printing performance, stable ink absorption, rapid drying, and strong color expression.

PVC flex banner: Mainly used in advertising light boxes, banners, large posters, construction site peripheral wall scenery, and large T-shaped billboards.

PVC banner printing uses oil-based ink, which is not easy to fade when exposed to rain or sun, and is durable. This is its biggest feature that distinguishes it from indoor photo advertising materials. PVC flex banner material has strong tensile strength, stable chemical composition and is not easily deformed, and can be used for outdoor advertising for a long time.

Application of frontlit and blockout banner
Application of frontlit and blockout banner

How to Differentiate?

  1. Strength: The strength of polyester fiber is the main factor that determines the strength and tear resistance of frontlit and blockout banners products.
  2. Surface quality: frontlit banners require good flatness and gloss to ensure light shading; blockout banners require high light transmittance; double-sided banners require both sides to be flat and have consistent light perception.
  3. Service life: The normal service life of a product outdoors depends on its anti-aging, cold resistance, resistance to tearing, non-discoloration and self-cleaning properties.
  4. Usage performance: frontlit banners need to have good ink absorption and color restoration saturation; blockout banners need to be closely attached to the light box during production and maintain consistent color after light transmission.

What is The Difference When Painting?

  • Frontlit banner refers to an ordinary PVC banner, and the spray-painted surface is reflective and flat.
  • The fiber of Blockout banners is light-transmissive, and the lighting effect inside is good.

Production Process:

According to the production process of PVC banner, different requirements can be divided into the following three types:

1. Knife coating frontlit banners and blockout banners: the pasty liquid PVC slurry is evenly applied to the front and back sides of the polyester base fabric with several scrapers, and then completely combined into a whole through the drying process. This product is very good for the base fabric. The requirements for cloth are relatively high, and products produced through normal processes must undergo surface treatment to ensure the product’s ink absorbency, UV resistance, and anti-aging properties.

This process is a high-end product of PVC Banner. This high-end PVC Banner is characterized by strong anti-permeability, tensile strength, and peeling resistance. Because of the surface treatment, PVC Banner can absorb ink better. It has a long service life, but its cost is also the highest.

2. Three-layer lamination frontlit banners and blockout banners: After the two layers of PVC film are determined according to the product requirements and the three layers of polyester filament base fabric are combined through cooling and shaping, this kind of PVC banner product is formed. The process is simple, and the key is In terms of PVC film molding, due to its low cost, simple manufacturing, and fast production speed, this product has the highest click-through rate in the market, especially frontlit banners, which are widely used in short-cycle light box advertisements.

3. Hot melt pressing frontlit banners and blockout banners: This process is a three-layer laminating production process that is integrated with the PVC film. It directly extrudes PVC resin powder and plasticizer additives at high temperatures. Directly integrated with the base fabric, this product perfectly combines PVC with the base fabric. The product has strong peelability, flat surface, and uniform light transmission. It is suitable for high-end frontlit banners, blockout banners and other advertisements.

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