What is the difference between Coated and PVC banner

Coated banner refers to the high-quality printing material produced by the coating machine for multiple scraping, which can be used for the printing of logos, T-shirt printing, backpacks, handbags and other products. PVC banner, on the other hand, is a special kind of fabric, which is commonly used in commercial advertising and outdoor advertising production.


Coated banner and PVC banner are both printing materials, which have the characteristics of good printing effect and high brightness. They can be brushed as many times as needed to ensure a clearer, more visible print.

Coated banner and PVC banner
Coated banner and PVC banner


  • Different materials: Coated banners are usually made of polyester fibers, while PVC banners are mainly made of PVC materials, polyester or carbon fibers.
  • Different light transmittance: Coated banner has weak light transmittance, which is more suitable for printing production that does not require light transmittance, such as T-shirt printing and handbag printing. PVC banner has good light transmittance, which is suitable for large-scale advertising display, so that the advertising pattern can be naturally presented and the color is more vivid, so as to achieve better visual effects.
  • Different applications: Due to the poor light transmission of coated banners, they are suitable for traditional printing fields that do not require light transmission effects. On the contrary, PVC banners are often used in advertising and cultural display fields that require high light transmission, such as billboards, exhibitions and outdoor advertising.
Printable Coated banners rolls
Printable Coated banners rolls

3.advantages and disadvantages

1. Advantages of Coated banner:

  • The printing effect is good, and the pattern is clear;
  • It has good stability and waterproof after high temperature treatment;
  • It is more durable and has a long service life.


  • Poor light transmittance, not suitable for the production of advertisements that require light transmission effect;
  • It is easy to react with some chemical solvents and is easy to be damaged.

2. Advantages of PVC banner:

  • Good light transmittance, which makes the color of the advertising pattern more vivid; 
  • It has good flexibility and can be bent at will as needed;
  • Wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, mildew-proof, and long service life.


  • The price is higher and more expensive than that of the knife scraper;
  • It is easy to age, and after sun exposure and long-term use, aging and cracking will occur.


Application of Backlit Banner Rolls

Although Coated banner and PVC banner are both printing materials, their materials, light transmittance, applications and advantages and disadvantages are obviously different, so in different printing and advertising production fields, it is necessary to choose suitable materials to achieve the best printing effect and visual effect.

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