Correct Maintenance Methods for Vehicle Wraps

Car sun wrap is a thin film-shaped object affixed to the front and rear windshields, side window glass, and skylights of vehicles. This thin film-shaped object is also called a sun film or explosion-proof heat insulation film. Its main function is to block ultraviolet rays, block some heat, prevent the glass from suddenly bursting and causing injuries, and protect personal privacy according to the one-way perspective performance of the sun film. In addition, it can also reduce damage to items and people in the car caused by ultraviolet radiation and achieve fuel consumption savings in certain aspects.

There are seven benefits of applying wrap to car windows.

  • Heat insulation and sun protection. Fitting car wrap can effectively block the large amount of heat generated by infrared rays.

  • UV blocking. The mid and long waves in ultraviolet rays can penetrate thick glass. Applying heat-insulating film can block 99% of ultraviolet rays, prevent skin damage, and reduce the aging of car interiors.

  • Safety and explosion-proof. The base layer of the film is a polyester film, which has a very strong anti-tearing and anti-puncture function. When combined with the adhesive layer of the film, the strength of the glass can be increased by 100 times. This can prevent the occurrence of secondary injuries caused by accidental glass breakage to the driver and passengers.

  • Creates a private space. After fitting the film, it is difficult to see the inside of the car from a meter away, preserving privacy and safety.

  • Reduce air conditioning consumption. Air conditioning consumption is decreased by nearly 15%. Applying heat-insulating film can help reduce the temperature in the car and achieve a certain degree of fuel savings.

  • Improves appearance. According to personal preferences, fitting car wraps can give your car a personalized and beautiful appearance.

  • Anti-glare. Keep the eyes comfortable and reduce accidents caused by glare.

Maintenance of fitted car wrap

Nowadays, almost all car owners will apply film to their cars, but how to maintain them after applying them has become a big problem. Therefore, within a few days after applying the film, you should try to avoid raising and lowering the car windows (especially new cars that have just been fitted with film). It generally takes 5-7 days. The edges of the film are easily rolled up and displaced during the opening and closing of the car windows, which will affect the bonding of the film. High-quality car wraps usually have good wear resistance, and the special high-performance resin glue used between the film layers has outstanding adhesion, making it possible to keep the difference between the edges of the film and the edges of the glass to 2 millimeters, which reduces the probability of the film warping. Additionally, the anti-scratch coating makes it highly durable and easy to maintain.

Within three days of applying the car wrap, try to avoid washing the car to prevent the film from peeling due to not drying completely. Also, within the first week, try not to use the rear window defrosting system as it may affect the effect of the film. After fitting, use a damp cloth, sponge, or soft cloth to wipe the film surface. In addition, it is normal for water vapor to appear inside the sun film during the drying process, but it will disappear gradually after some time. Raising and lowering the car windows frequently can easily damage the film surface. Poor-quality film can be scratched in a month or two, so selecting high-quality car wrap can avoid this situation.

If the film is accidentally loosened during car washing, it should be returned to a professional film shop for professional fixing to ensure effectiveness and durability. If there are stains on the film surface, do not use chemical solvents to wipe them. It is best to use a wet towel, tissue paper, or cotton cloth with a detergent to clean them. You can also use a rubber scraper to clean it. However, avoid using abrasive items and tools that may scratch or damage the thin film to prevent damage to the sun film.

In addition, after the car wraps are applied, try not to stick or hang anything directly on the car windows, such as GPS devices, to prevent them from lifting suction cups sticking to the window and pulling the film open.

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