Complete Guide on AutoCar Wrap: Do You Know These Three Facts?

Nowadays, many people buy cars, but sometimes the car model and color may not satisfy their aesthetic needs, so they may choose to apply car wrap film to decorate and protect the car’s paint show their style, and attract attention on the road. Here are a few things you should know about car wrap film:

Some dealers may not include the front windshield when applying car wrap film.

Don’t assume that the price of a “full car” film includes the cost of applying an anti-explosion film to all the car’s windows. Some dealers often mention “full car” film but exclude the front windshield. This means that the cost is calculated based on the price of applying film to the front windshield plus the cost of applying film to the rest of the car. Of course, some dealers may include the front windshield in the “full car” film package, but currently, there is no unified standard. So, before applying car film, make sure to ask if the “full car” package includes the front windshield or if it needs to be purchased separately.

Car wrap film can reduce the temperature inside the car by up to 12℃.

High-quality heat-insulating film can effectively reduce the temperature inside the car. It can reduce the temperature by up to 12℃, creating a noticeable temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car in summer. Applying car film can also reduce the power consumption of the air conditioning system, achieve energy efficiency, and effectively prevent the air conditioning system from running at full load. After all, we drive our cars in the sun for more than 80% of the time (excluding rainy or cloudy weather), so applying car film can reduce the power consumption of the air conditioning system, providing both energy-saving and comfort benefits.

Attention should be paid when applying car wrap film.

Before applying car film, choose high-quality film and make sure the environment and technician’s skills are appropriate. After applying car film, be sure to maintain it properly. As car owners, we need to take the entire process seriously.

Although it may seem simple to apply a thin layer of film, it is far more complicated than it seems. These are just a few things you should know about car film. What else do you need to know about car film?

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