Cutting Vinyl 1-3 year

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Cutting Vinyl 3-5 year

The V MARK 5000 series Cutting Vinyl is a premium polymeric vinyl designed for versatile indoor and outdoor use. With 63 vibrant colors and options for high glossy or matte finishes, this product is engineered for enduring performance.


About Cutting Vinyl 3-5 year

Cutting Vinyl 3-5 year - V MARKTM 5000 Series

Product Info

Face Film:

80um/3.2Mil, Polymeric


Available in 63 colors


Clear, Solvent-based, High-tack Permanent


High Glossy, Matte (some color)

Release Liner:

150g double PE-coated silicone paper


≥5 years (except some metallic colors)

Data Sheet:



The V MARKT 5000 series Cutting Vinyl is crafted for lasting excellence. Its clear, solvent-based, high tack adhesive ensures strong adhesion on surfaces like automotive graphics, architectural windows, and wayfinding signage, even on Low Surface Energy (LSE) plastics (e.g., PP). Additionally, it complies with RoHs and REACH standards.


To achieve the best results, it’s essential to follow the instructions for preparation and application.

color cutting vinyl Storage and Processing Conditions

Storage and Processing Conditions

Store V MARK Cutting Vinyl rolls in a cool, dry place, shielded from direct sunlight. Prior to processing, let the self-adhesive films acclimate to your workspace’s humidity and temperature (ideal: 40%-50% RH, +18°C to +22°C). Extreme variations may affect material flatness and cut dimensions. Refer to the storage instructions in the accompanying technical data sheet for details.

Surface Preparation

Proper surface preparation is vital for optimal adhesion.

V MARKT Cutting Vinyl forms a strong bond with clean, smooth, and weatherproof surfaces free from grease, wax, and silicone. Before application, clean the surface thoroughly and wipe it dry. If solvent residue or fresh lacquer is an issue, wait three weeks before applying the film to prevent gas bubbles. Be cautious with cleaning agents that may impact lacquer or film adhesive strength.

For surfaces prone to outgassing, like polycarbonate, follow specific steps. Clean the surface, apply a film piece, and store it at +60°C for approximately 24 hours. If bubbles persist, further thermal treatment or longer storage under room conditions may be necessary.
color cutting vinyl Application Temperatures

Application Temperatures

Align application temperatures with the product’s data sheet. Avoid significant temperature drops within the first 24 hours post-adhesion. If a drop occurs, use a hot-air gun to treat the film.

Application Methods

Use material with the same batch number for consistent color. Choose between dry adhesion and wet adhesion. For dry adhesion, position the film cut, press one corner, and adhere the rest with a plastic squeegee. Remove silicone paper gradually during bonding. When using application tape, pull away slowly at a 180° angle. In warm weather, wet adhesion is suitable. Spray water on the adhesive side, lay it on the surface, press, and after drying, remove the paper carefully. Moistening the paper makes removal easier. Improve the bond by pressing the film again after a few hours.

When mounting across metal sheets or expansion joints, use a sharp knife to separate film at these points to prevent loosening. For overlapping film, ensure edges overlap by 4-12mm. When layering films, use the same manufacturer and type for compatibility (e.g., polymeric film on polymeric softened film).

Service Life and Climate Zones

The specified service life in technical data sheets is for vertical outdoor exposure under climate zone 1 conditions. However, service life may vary in different climate zones. Refer to our specifications for your specific climate zone.


For safe film removal, ensure the environment and surface temperature are at least +20°C. Lift one corner with a knife and slowly peel the film at a 180° angle. Using a hot-air gun while pulling can ease removal. For older films, a residue may remain, easily cleared with varnish thinner.

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