Cold lamination film

Cold lamination film

Our cold lamination film comes in two types: 120g and 140g. 1.07/1.27/1.37/1.52*50m in four sizes. It is a substitute for hot laminated film, and does not require heat to activate the adhesive. In the case of advertising pictures, lamination enhances the image, provides high anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet erosion, and is never faded or yellowed. No warm-up time is necessary. Similar to using standard adhesive tape to cover your document, cold lamination is suitable when the high precision of a thermal heat laminator is not necessary. Good sheet stability and lay flat. Glossy and matte finishes are available.

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Glossy cold lamination film

Matte cold lamination film

Polymeric cold lamination film

Velvet cold Lamination film

Product Application

Matte Cold Lamination Film application012

Matte Lamination Film application

Glossy Cold Lamination Film application012

Glossy Lamination Film application

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BUS advertising application

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Outdoor advertising application

Exhibition application

Exhibition application

Album application

Album application

The release backing paper is thin and uneven. The texture of the backing paper will lead to the uneven glue surface of the cold mounting film. After mounting the picture, the prominent glue points will fit the picture well, but the concave glue points will be displayed as fog white points. The probability of fog spots in cold film mounted pictures is that smooth materials (such as high gloss photo paper) are significantly more than matte materials (such as gum), and dark pictures with large ink output are significantly more than light pictures. The release paper with thick film and flat surface should be used as the base paper, especially in the production of matte cold mounting film.

The thickness of cold laminating glue is not enough. When mounting the picture, due to the different picture materials and ink output, the thin glue will directly lead to many subtle places that can not fit well, and the fog points come from it, and the fog points caused by too thin glue are difficult to be completely eliminated. The gluing weight standard should be strictly enforced, and the product quality should not be sacrificed in order to reduce the cost.

A cold mounting film will show different glue states under different temperature environments. In summer, there are not no fog spots after mounting, but because of the high temperature, the fog spots can be eliminated quickly; In winter, the temperature is low, the glue “activity” is not high, and the fog point often takes 1-2 days or even longer to eliminate. The gram weight standard of glue application in winter should be improved. The same product is generally 2-3 g / ㎡ higher than that in summer.

Due to operation and environmental dust, it is similar to the blistering of cold mounted film, and the film and painting are not solid due to small dust. The film mounting machine shall be operated correctly according to the requirements to ensure that the environment is clean and dust-free as far as possible.


The inkjet layer is not dry and the solvent does not volatilize. The coating time should be delayed to make the picture dry completely.

The ink-jet layer is too thick, and the solvent residue cannot volatilize after the surface is dry. After covering for a period of time, it volatilizes outward, causing blistering. The ink jet thickness should be properly reduced and whether the ink layer is too thick due to “ink stacking” phenomenon should be found.

During film coating, there are dust impurities on the surface, resulting in air residue and blistering at the impurities. Keep the environment clean and less dust.

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