Cold lamination film

Our cold lamination film comes in two types: 120g and 140g. 1.07/1.27/1.37/1.52*50m in four sizes.

● It is a substitute for hot laminated film, and does not require heat to activate the adhesive. In the case of advertising pictures, lamination enhances the image, provides high anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet erosion, and is never faded or yellowed. No warm-up time is necessary. Similar to using standard adhesive tape to cover your document, cold lamination is suitable when the high precision of a thermal heat laminator is not necessary.

Good sheet stability and lay flat. Glossy and matte finishes are available.

Product Application

Outdoor advertising ,Exhibition application,Album application

Glossy/Matte Cold Lamination Film

TOME® C1000/C2000 Cold Lamination Film protects prints from water, sunlight, and scratches. Ideal for ads, photos, POP displays, events, and more.

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High Glossy Polymeric Cold Lamination Film

NIO® N3200 High Glossy Polymeric Cold Lamination Film: Premium solution for cold laminating. Crafted from high-quality glossy polymeric PVC with permanent adhesive. Excels indoors and outdoors, ideal for posters, displays, pop-ups, light-boxes, and more.

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Velvet Cold Lamination Film

TOME® E3210-H /E3231-H Cold Lamination Film: PVC film with permanent adhesive.
Unique satin style for excellent lamination, coated paper design for a smooth finish and easy peeling. Strong internal cohesive force minimizes curling and shrinkage.

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