What Are The Tips for Choosing Flex Banner for Outdoor Advertising?

Under the requirements of different environments and screen sizes, manufacturers will choose flex banners with corresponding strengths. In coastal areas or areas with strong winds, the strength requirements of the flex banner are particularly important, otherwise the flex banner may break and fail to perform its basic advertising function. The strength indicators of flex banner include: tensile strength, tear resistance and peel strength.

frontlit flex banner

Factors affecting "Tensile Strength" and "Tear Resistance" strength:

  1. It has a lot to do with the model of the mesh:

    General mesh models are: 200D*200D/18*12 (warp yarn thickness * weft yarn thickness / number of warp yarns in 1 inch width * number of weft yarns in 1 inch width; );


    Its tensile strength and tear strength gradually increase. Generally, the tensile strength and tear strength in the warp and weft directions are inconsistent. The tensile strength along the length direction is higher, but the tear strength is lower. Therefore, the splicing of large pictures must be spliced along the length direction (that is, vertical splicing), and horizontal splicing is not allowed.

  2. It has a certain relationship with PVC film:

    Under the same thickness, the flexibility of PVC films with different formulas has great differences, which has an impact on the overall tensile strength and tear resistance strength of the inkjet cloth. The function of the PVC film is to protect it from being torn. Once there is a gap, the flex banner will be easily torn. It is generally recommended to fold the flex banner in half when making buttonholes. This will increase the tear resistance of the flex banner and greatly reduce the possibility of being torn.

Outdoor advertising applications

Factors affecting peel strength (fitting fastness):

  1. The difference in composition between PVC mask and PVC base film affects the fastness of fit. The general PVC mask has an inkjet surface, which has relatively high requirements for the formula. The specific gravity of the mask is generally about 1.35; while the PVC base film is not an inkjet surface, and more recycled materials or calcium powder are added to the base film, with a specific gravity of about 1.45; price competition The more intense it is, the greater the difference in ingredients between the mask and base mask. The greater the difference in ingredients, the poorer the fusion effect (not the addition of glue).
  2. The control of process temperature during production has an impact on the bonding fastness. Generally, when the machine is just turned on, poor bonding fastness is likely to occur when the temperature is unstable.

    When choosing the appropriate strength of the inkjet cloth, you need to consider environmental factors (wind strength) and screen size. For large screens above 10m, it is recommended to use products above 300G.

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