How to choose the right adhesive vinyl material for your business project

Adhesive vinyl is a good advertisement, simple operation, vivid color, and convenient construction, is widely used in automobiles, subways, shop windows, billboards, exhibitions and other indoor and outdoor advertising

Types of adhesive vinyl:

The common types of adhesive vinyl are: white adhesive vinyl, black adhesive vinyl, gray adhesive vinyl, etc. In fact, white glue and black vinyl are widely used, and the advertising effect of these two materials is very good. In which case to apply which adhesive vinyl, the question is still based on which environment or material the adhesive vinyl is specifically pasted on, and according to the effect and function you want to achieve to match and choose adhesive vinyl.

Printing effect:

For printing, white vinyl is typically translucent, while black vinyl is opaque, often used to cover surfaces with existing graphics. Generally, if the surface color is light, white adhesive vinyl is preferred; if it’s dark, black adhesive vinyl is chosen to prevent colors from showing through and affecting the final image.
white adhesive vinyl
Black adhesive vinyl has a stronger adhesive compared to white adhesive vinyl, although the adhesive of white adhesive vinyl is slightly weaker in comparison. However, both types of adhesive vinyl yield the same printing results on the front side. Black adhesive vinyl and gray adhesive vinyl provide better coverage, making them ideal for covering minor dirt or imperfections on vehicles, enhancing their appearance. Therefore, in most cases, black adhesive vinyl or gray adhesive vinyl is preferred over white adhesive vinyl for applying vehicle advertisements.
black adhesive vinyl

According to the actual advertising time, choose the appropriate adhesive vinyl type.

In the case of temporary two-day or three-day events:

For brief two to three-day promotional events, consider opting for removable adhesive vinyl. This type of adhesive vinyl offers a level of protection for the graphics and allows for easy removal without leaving adhesive residue when taken down after a short period.

In case of prolonged use:

For long-term usage, consider EJET permanent adhesive vinyl. This film is notably thicker, typically ranging from 20 to 25 microns, approximately five to six times thicker than regular adhesive vinyl. Its exceptional durability provides excellent protection for graphics, ensuring superior abrasion resistance.

Gray Back Air Bubble Free Self Adhesive Vinyl

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