what banner flex material is best for large outdoor banner?

large outdoor banner application

PVC flex banners are ideal for large outdoor banner

PVC flexble banners are composed of PVC material and a mesh of light-guiding fibers, exhibiting excellent flexibility, uniform light transmission, and ease of cutting, splicing, transportation, as well as simple indoor and outdoor installation. Particularly suitable for color spray painting, PVC flexble banners meet outdoor requirements with features such as waterproofing, mold resistance, flame retardance, resistance to cold and heat, and UV protection. Due to their strong wind resistance, they are especially suitable for creating large outdoor signage.

PVC flexble banners can be categorized into the following types:

Common Flexble Banners:

  • Frontlit Banners: Positioned with the light source in front, these banners typically have a light transmission rate between 5% and 10%. They are commonly used in high-rise billboards, highway-side lightboxes, and city high-altitude lightboxes.
Frontlit banners material
Frontlit banners come in two finishes: glossy and matte, available in 3 colors – black, gray, and white.
  • Backlit Banners: Used to create lightboxes with the light source behind, these banners have a higher light transmission rate, usually between 25% and 35%. They are suitable for medium-sized lightboxes, such as roadside lightboxes and storefront lightboxes, typically not exceeding 100 square meters.
Backlit Banners material
glossy backlit banner(440G-13oz/640G-18oz/650G-19oz)

Coated Banner(Knife-coated banner):

Coated Banner is thicker compared to regular flexible banners and possesses enhanced waterproofing, tensile strength, and peel resistance. Known for high strength, good stretchability, strong flexibility, oxidation resistance, cold resistance, excellent ink absorption, and high color reproduction.Coated Banner comes in glossy and matte varieties, with glossy mainly used indoors and matte suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Widely utilized in upscale locations such as subway stations, bus stops, airports, malls, banks, large outdoor advertisements, and highway single-column displays.

Coated Banner material
Coated Banner(Knife-coated banner)

These different types of PVC flexble banners can be chosen based on specific requirements, catering to a variety of needs for outdoor advertising and lightbox fabrications.

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