How to Applying Large Area One Way Vision Stickers On Glass?

applying large area one way vision stieckers

Tools/Materials Required:

1. Scraper (need to use a plastic plate with moderate hardness, the market price is between 2-6 yuan)
2. Paper knife (needs to be equipped with a new blade)
3. Rag (dry, because one way vision stickers are applying to the glass, you only need to wipe the dust, it can be slightly damp)


1.First, clarify the order of the One Way Vision Stickers, and make sure the width of the cutout is suitable for the distance between your hands (usually between 100-120).

When applying One Way Vision Stickers to a large area, it is best to have two people work together, one person is responsible for applying and the other is responsible for assisting. When cooperating, you need to pay attention to the unified pace. The person who posts the order must be careful, and the assisting person must follow the instructions to ensure tacit cooperation.

2.After arriving at the site, first set up the scaffolding, then mark the One Way Vision Stickers side by side and prepare the tools. The first One Way Vision Stickers need to be folded (usually 5-10 cm). Another person is responsible for cleaning the glass surface to ensure there are no dust or water droplets.

Cleaning up is crucial to avoid warping problems after applying One Way Vision Stickers. When determining the location to stick One Way Vision Stickers, stick them from left to right. Be sure to determine the marking line first to avoid sticking them diagonally.

3. When applying One Way Vision Stickers, determine the height according to the number of scaffolding layers.

The person at the top rolled up the prepared One Way Vision Stickers from bottom to top, placed them on the scaffolding, and uncovered the adhesive part.

Another person stands on the next level, catches the One Way Vision Stickers above, and aligns the reticles. After confirming the alignment, attach the One Way Vision Stickers from left to right, first a point, then the middle.

If wrinkles appear, find the horizontal line first, flatten it and then reattach it.

4. After the previous step is completed, the person on the next level needs to lift up the One Way Vision Stickers, while the person on the upper level slowly pulls down the backing paper. Be slow when pulling the backing paper to prevent One Way Vision Stickers from wrinkling. Pull it down step by step until you reach the bottom.

5. When applying the second One Way Vision Stickers, pay attention to the splicing of the picture and ensure it is aligned with the previous one. After pasting, use a scraper to flatten it to ensure it is firmly pasted. Repeat the above steps.

6. If wrinkles appear during the application of One Way Vision Stickers, you can ignore them temporarily and continue applying them. After pasting the entire sheet, use a paper knife to cut out the wrinkles and smooth them out.

The above are the steps for applying One Way Vision Stickers. You can test them before actual operation to ensure that the task is successfully completed.

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